‘You know you are from the Valley when...’

Kirk Starratt
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Facebook page proving popular

Facebook fame: Elizabeth Munroe Melissa White


Kings County Advertiser/Register

Who would have thought completing the statement “You know you are from the Valley when…” would prove so popular?

Elizabeth Munroe of Canaan and Melissa White of Windsor were walking in New Minas during a snowstorm in January when they took a photo of an empty beer bottle sitting in a pothole. They dubbed this the “Red Neck Beer Fridge.”

They took a number of funny photos and decided to see how many people they could reach with them, coming up with the title, “You know you are from the Valley when,” in relation to their funny photos. They launched a Facebook page that night, thinking they’d reach 100 people by the end of the week.

Instead, the women were surprised to reach 1,000 people.

Now, more than 5,300 people of all ages have joined the group. The creators get a breakdown of statistics for the page, and they have members all over the world. Some are incredibly faithful and, White says, “must be on there 24-7.”

During the span of 19 minutes during the interview with Munroe and White, 25 people wanting to say “hello” to this reporter posted comments.

People have also rallied through the site to plan a benefit for Crystal Taylor of Waterville, in need of a lung transplant. Munroe says, within a couple hours, they had 80 comments from people wanting to attend or help out.

The two started the Facebook page for fun and to see where it would go.

“We waited for it to roll over from 999 to 1,000,” White says. “I love reading the post, I love reading the comments. You get a good chuckle out of it - especially at the beginning. We read some over and over again.”

Lots of people have ideas when it comes to completing the phrase “You know you are from the Valley when…”. This spawns lots more comments and new posts, many unrelated to completing the statement but usually all pertaining to life in the Annapolis Valley, past or present.

Munroe says they monitor the site to a certain degree, deleting posts or comments if they’re in poor taste or derogatory. They want to keep the site “as clean as we can have it” because there are many children and seniors participating. There are people they’ve had to block from the site. Munroe says they’ve probably only had to block five people so far and deleted about 100 comments.

“We’ve never really had any major problems,” Munroe says. “People in the Valley are nice and respectful.”

She says the comments are phenomenal, and people have been adding beautiful pictures from all over the Valley. They estimate there have been between 40,000 and 50,000 comments overall since the launch in January. Having 5,000-plus people join might be a small number compared to the overall population, but the membership is large compared to other groups.  As people join as members or “Friends,” they bring their entire “Friends” network on board.

“We read every single comment, every single post on the site,” White says, pointing out, if she has missed something of particular interest, Munroe will give her a call or vice versa.

Munroe posted the question “What do you consider to be the Valley?”, since everyone seems to have a different interpretation of its geographic boundaries. While she defines the Valley as the communities from Windsor to Digby, thinking of the reach of the annual Apple Blossom Festival, one person provided an extremely technical response.

“We probably have about 100 comments on that one,” White says. “You can go on there and ask anyone anything and get lots of answers.”

Both agree the page has social, historical and entertainment value.

“It’s definitely exploded beyond our expectations,” Munroe says.


To participate, visit www.facebook.com to join, search “You Know You Are From The Valley When...” and then join the group as a member.



Geographic location: Windsor, New Minas, Annapolis Valley The Valley

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  • Jeanette
    June 23, 2015 - 10:03

    so excited that I have just found this site.... I am and always will be a Cape Bretoner but after four years I am now proud to mention that I am a VALLEY GIRL now.... great place to retire.... love the Beauty and Friendship and ALL else it has to offer.... I am amazed with ALL... Congrats Ladies.... great IDEA.... will be sharing pictures of my Life in the Valley to date.... LOVING IT!!!!