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From the Cruiser

There were 115 reports made to RCMP in Kings County between Nov. 5 and Nov. 8.

Nov. 5

A 2003 Honda was seized after police stopped a 15-year-old driving it, and a 14-year-old passenger, at 1:10 a.m. in Canning.  

Police stopped a 21-year-old, newly licensed driver at 1:28 a.m. in Centreville. He was ticketed and the vehicle was towed.

Additional damage was reported to a village sign and trail signage in Kingston.

There was an internal theft reported at a business in the Aylesford area.

Four coats and change were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Port Williams.

Tools were reported stolen from a Wolfville work site, but they were simply borrowed by a co-worker.

Someone stole money from a wishing well at the lighthouse in Hall’s Harbour.

There was a theft at a residence in Waterville and a break-in at Pereau.

A wallet was stolen at a business in Greenwood.

A quantity of meat was taken from a freezer in a North Kentville garage.

Two reports of prowlers came in from Linden Avenue in Wolfville.

Two men were reported fighting in a Coldbrook parking lot at 5:15 p.m.

A complaint came in from Greenwood about an improperly attached car seat.

An ATV driver was causing problems in Kingston at 10:55 p.m.

Nov. 6

A three-year-old beagle was stolen from a back yard on the Black Rock Road.

Youth in a Kingston neighbourhood were reported fighting at 9:44 a.m.

A hit and run occurred on Prospect Road in New Minas at 11:11 a.m.

There was a small fire at Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning.

Two women caused a disturbance in the Highbury area of New Minas.

Deer were hit by vehicles in Aylesford and on Highway 101 near Berwick.

A missing 15-year-old girl was found.

A South Alton resident received nuisance calls.

A disturbance was reported in New Minas.

Arson is suspected in a fire at an unoccupied house in Grafton.

Nov. 7

An intoxicated man was driven home in Berwick.

Someone was knocking on doors in Waterville at 1:51 a.m.

There was a report of an inebriated man on the road in Arlington at 9:15 a.m. He was gone when police arrived.

A well being check was made.

A 2008 Bombardier ATV was stolen from North Alton.

A window was broken on a car in Greenwood, but nothing was taken.

An unwanted man was reported at the Wolfville Recreation Centre.

An ongoing problem about traffic not yielding was reported from Black Hole Road.

A non-compliant 15-year-old was reported as a child welfare concern.

An altercation took place outside a Greenwood business.

A mess of escaped fibre insulation was a traffic concern on Highway 101 near Avonport at 6 p.m.

Some mischief involving a light took place in New Minas. More mischief was reported later from Canning.

Nov. 8

A fight took place at the lounge on the Acadia University campus.

A child welfare issue arose at 8:49 a.m.


Between Nov. 1 and  8, 10 domestic incidents were reported to RCMP, including one involving an ex-boyfriend allegedly trashing a vehicle.  An intoxicated 26-year-old woman and, in a separate incident, another woman, aged 30, were arrested for assault. One man in his 40s was arrested for criminal harassment and failing to obey conditions.

There were 15 mental health calls. Three of them involved the same individual.

There were a total of ten family relations issues, including an assault. An eight-year-old girl was reportedly out of control. Two calls involved alleged theft of wood.

There were landlord/tenant concerns in Waterville and Wolfville.

Eleven youth group home incidents were noted.

Two child welfare complaints are being investigated.

Twenty driving complaints came in. One driver who was reported as impaired turned out to be avoiding potholes. Collisions occurred in Coldbrook, Greenfield, Cambridge, New Minas, Kingston, Upper Dyke, Greenwood and Belcher Street.

Checkpoints were conducted in Tremont, Billtown, Brooklyn Corner, Greenwich, Windermere, Berwick, Coldbrook and Aylesford.

Three incidents of threats were reported.

There was one false alarm and six false 911 calls.

The community policing officer attended a Crime Stoppers meeting in Berwick and helped facilitate the MADD-Annapolis Valley seasonal launch.

Organizations: RCMP, Wolfville Recreation Centre, Acadia University Crime Stoppers

Geographic location: Kingston, Greenwood, Canning Aylesford Wolfville Waterville New Minas Coldbrook Berwick Kings Centreville Port Williams North Kentville Linden Avenue Black Rock Road Prospect Road Northeast Kings Education Centre Highbury South Alton Grafton Arlington North Alton Black Hole Road Avonport Cambridge Belcher Street Tremont Billtown Brooklyn Windermere MADD-Annapolis Valley

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