Updated: Bishop wins Kings County byelection

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District 10 Kings County Council candidate Patricia Bishop.


Kings County Advertiser/Register

On her second run for municipal office, Patricia Bishop  is the new councillor-elect for Kings County’s District 10.

Bishop won the seat in a byelection July 23 .

Of 3,560 eligible voters in the district, 693 cast ballots for Bishop and 441 voted for opponent Peter Elderkin. Voter turnout was just under 32 per cent.

“We did it working together and counting on each other to bring about positive change,” Bishop said following the vote. “I had so many great friends and neighbours support me.”

She said the job is now about getting down to work representing constituents with the “fresh start” she says people voted for.

Bishop said she didn’t take anything for granted leading into election day and wasn’t counting on a win. “You never know what is going to happen.”

Elderkin said is very thankful to everyone who supported him.  He said he recognizes  he is “just one voice” now, but he will still advocate for Kings County being open for business.

“We ran a good campaign. They just did a better job getting the vote out.”

Bishop said her team did a great job bringing out a younger demographic over the last couple weeks of the campaign and worked hard on election day to get the vote out.

She said she is very thankful to everyone who supported her and got out to vote.

Bishop said the number of calls she received from people outside District 10 and offered support touched her.

“People in the community are ready for a fresh beginning,” she said. “That came through today and I’m thankful for that.”

Greenwich, polling division 10D, had the highest voter turnout. Of 711 eligible voters, 280 cast ballots - 175 for Bishop and 105 for Elderkin - a voter turnout of 39.4 per cent.

A little over 10 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in advance polls. Of the 1,134 people who voted, 367 cast ballots in the advance polls: 235 for Bishop and 132 for Elderkin.

On election day, July 23, 93 people cast ballots in polling division 10A, A to K, North Alton: 58 for Bishop, 35 for Elderkin. With 700 eligible voters in the poll, turnout was 13.3 per cent.

For 10A, L to Z, North Alton: 135 ballots were cast, 81 for Bishop, 54 for Elderkin. With  673 eligible voters in the poll,  turnout was 20.1 per cent

In polling division 10B, Cambridge: 53 cast ballots, 20 for Bishop and 33 for Elderkin. With of 339 eligible voters, turnout was 15.6 per cent.

For polling division 10C, A to K, North Alton: 112 ballots were cast, 67 for Bishop and 45 for Elderkin. With 551 eligible voters,  voter turnout was 20.3 per cent.

For 10C,  L to Z, North Alton: 94 cast ballots, 57 for Bishop and 37 for Elderkin. With 536 eligible voters, turnout was 17.5 per cent.


Organizations: Kings County council

Geographic location: High Prairie, Alberta

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Recent comments

  • godiva
    July 27, 2011 - 15:54

    I wholeheartedly agree with the first two comments on this article. As a former resident of the Annapolis Valley I've watched with concern and eventual astonishment as the reductive, bleeding-heart, self-interested story of 'No Farms, No Food' played out. I truly hope that people who share the opinions of those comment-leavers put this woman to the wall and make her work for what is in the best interest of her entire constituency, and not just a vocal, well-heeled group of wrong-headed protesters.

    July 25, 2011 - 17:31

    I am really finding this result troubling. Like DISTRICTTEN I am concerned that she does not even live in district 10 and is somehow going to represent me on the council. But what concerns me more is how she actually won this byelection, by using the so called "star power" she recieved from being part of the "No Farms, No Food" movement. She has toted herself as the good guy/girl in that particular movement and Peter Elderkin as the "monster" who wants to pave over Greenwich. I come from a multi generation farming family and know the hardships that comes with farming the land. I'm not saying that either one of them is truly right but if something is not done to change the situation you are going to see a lot more fields and apple orchards growing up and not producing a single product because of the cost.

    • Mining
      July 27, 2011 - 15:07

      I agree with you completely FED UP IN GASPEREAU. It is unfortunate that the majority of voters were able to be tricked into believing that Bishop along with No Farms, No Food are representatives of the farmers. No Farm No Food is comprised of a group of people who only started caring about farms because they are afraid they are going to lose the scenic farm view in their backyard. It's a shame people can be so impressionable and naive; they ate right out of her hand.

  • Nancy Saul-Demers
    July 23, 2011 - 22:37

    I find this very, very reassuring. An extremely bright, hardworking, well-informed young woman (who also happens to be our farmer) has been elected to Kings County Council! The good folks of district 10 voted 61% to 39% for someone trustworthy who is raising a young family in our County and I'm SO delighted.

    • marke slipp
      July 24, 2011 - 11:20

      Congratulations, Patricia. And congrats to your team for the great effort you all made in this campaign. I expect your signs will set forward a new trend in political postering; let's hope so...they were innovative, attractive and functional -- all signs of a "fresh beginning".

    • districtten
      July 24, 2011 - 15:13

      We'll see...how can someone that DOES NOT live in the district, vote with an open mind on matters crucial to #10 that may affect her home district!!! I smell a rat here...