From the Cruiser: Dec. 11

Wendy Elliott
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There were 173 reports to Kings RCMP between Dec. 1 and Dec. 6.

Dec. 1

Several hundred dollars were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in Greenwood overnight.

There was a disturbance in Rockland.

Police are investigating after a pregnant woman was stopped while shoplifting at a Kingston grocery store.

There was a break-in in Millville.

A truck from the Halifax area was found torched in Sheffield Mills.

A New Minas resident reported mischief at an apartment building.

An unwanted, intoxicated man was reported in Hillaton.

An inebriated 16-year-old was arrested for causing damage to a window in Kingston. Then, at 11:45 p.m., a report came in from the same village of someone stealing a shovel from outside a store.

Dec. 2

The first noisy Christmas party of the season was reported in Canning at 3:52 a.m.

The back window of a vehicle in Kingston was broken, but nothing was taken.

Two reports came into police at 10:50 a.m. about a man who was laying by the road in New Minas.

There was a disturbance outside a church in North Alton when a man grabbed another male.

A man caused a disturbance in North Kentville, was taken to hospital, then returned and prompted a second complaint.

A sum of money was stolen from a residence in New Minas and wood was reported stolen in Upper Canard.

An unwanted 34-year-old man was reported at the mall in New Minas.

Dec. 3

A reported sexual assault is being investigated.

There was a disturbance at the First Nations reserve in Cambridge.

An ATV was stolen and then found in a nearby field.

A vehicle hit a deer near Berwick. A dead coyote was found on Highway 101 near New Minas.

There was a report of students bringing alcohol to a county high school.

Police are investigating an alleged assault aboard a school bus.

A cell phone and ID were taken at a Wolfville party.

A prowler was reported around vehicles in Kingston.

The window on a van was broken in New Minas.

Dec. 4

After an altercation, an Auburn resident found a large, dead raccoon on the hood of her vehicle.

A case of elder abuse was reported.

Three youth were turned over to parents in Greenwood after they pulled out some driveway markers.

A 15-year-old girl tried to shoplift some $6 earrings in New Minas.

A Wolfville householder reported some suitcases stolen.

A 14-year-old assaulted a 12-year-old in Aldershot.

An out of control, intoxicated 26-year-old Greenwood male was placed in a cell.

There was a complaint about an inebriated female at a Greenwood drinking establishment.

Dec. 5

An unwanted male was trespassing in Avonport.

Unwanted hunters were warned when they went onto a posted farm in Upper Dyke.

Two cases of threats were reported, including one on Facebook.

Someone kicked a door in at a Centreville home and stole some money.

A child welfare concern was registered.

A bike was taken in Berwick; it was later found.

Some littering was reported in South Alton.

A debt concern posted on Facebook required police to investigate the matter. It will go to small claims court.

A Wolfville apartment was broken into, but nothing was taken.

There was a neighbourhood dispute in Waterville about children.

A homeless youth was arrested in Berwick after an assault. He then assaulted a police officer and kicked in the window of a cruiser.

Dec. 6

An early-morning patrol found the doors of a church in Kingston were open.

A neighbour reported a possible break-in in Kingston, but police determined the door had simply been left ajar.

Some drug paraphernalia were found in Gaspereau.

A shoplifter tried to steal clothing at a grocery store in Kingston.

Five bags of refused garbage appeared on the lawn of a Valley Waste employee living in Wolfville.

There were 16 mental health calls. One was about the eviction of a mentally ill man in his 50s. There are 174 reports concerning him going back to 2006.

Six family relations issues took place. A 20-year-old male faces four charges after a family dispute erupted.

Ten domestic incidents arose. One 49-year-old man was arrested for assault.

Three youth group home incidents were reported.

Seventeen driving complaints were received. After a disturbance report, one driver was located and given a seven-day suspension.

Collisions occurred in Coldbrook, Kingston, Greenwood, Greenwich, Highway 221, and two in New Minas. Two parking lot crashes were reported in New Minas.

Checkpoints were set up in Berwick, Greenwich, Auburn, Cambridge, Berwick, Kingston and three in Wolfville. The winter parking ban is now in effect in several municipalities.

Drivers failed to pay for gas in Greenwood, Berwick and New Minas. Two well-being checks were requested, two possible illegal drugs reports were made and there were two landlord/tenant issues.

There were 12 false 911 calls and eight false alarms.


Organizations: First Nations

Geographic location: New Minas, Kingston, Greenwood Berwick Wolfville Rockland Millville Halifax Cambridge Hillaton Canning Auburn North Alton North Kentville Upper Canard Aldershot Avonport Upper Dyke Centreville South Alton Waterville Gaspereau Coldbrook

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