Best (and worst) of From the Cruiser 2012

Wendy Elliott
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By Wendy Elliott


1. A 36-year-old female stole from a Front Street business in Wolfville, but donated to the Salvation Army Christmas kettle on the way out.


2. A wayward spider caused a collision on Highway 101 when a driver tried to bat the insect. He lost control and went into the ditch, but was not hurt.


3. Two sisters, aged six and 10, ran away from a school in Kingston just after lunch one day. A police officer had to chase the pair, was dubbed a “stupid pig” and received a minor bite before they could be returned.


4. A 15-year-old Burlington resident called to report there were several bats flying around the inside of the house. She and her 13-year-old sister were very scared and their parents were not home. RCMP made a patrol, but could not find the bats. Girls were advised to leave two windows open and sleep with door closed. 


5. Police in Wolfville got a call at 3:38 morning from two male international students who had locked themselves in a bedroom after they heard rustling sounds in the kitchen. Officers could only determine that some bread on the floor might have attracted a mouse.


6. At 9:40 p.m. one night an inebriated, 60-year-old man called police on his cellphone after getting his arm stuck in a tree in New Minas. Officers released him from the tree and then into the custody of his wife.


7. A woman in Greenwich found herself locked in her apartment due to a faulty doorknob. She could not contact her landlord, so was grateful when police rescued her.


8. Someone banged on a door in Berwick and left cookies on the doorstep. The recipient called police to report suspicious cookies.


9. An 11-year-old was hit with a cheese sandwich tossed from a passing car just before 3 p.m. one afternoon in New Minas. After comments made later in the social media, police decided to investigate.


10. At 1:51 a.m. one morning, a Wolfville resident, who had issued a flyer offering to transport people to the airport, received a call requesting a drug run for several kilograms of cocaine.



Organizations: Salvation Army Christmas, RCMP

Geographic location: Wolfville, Front Street, Kingston New Minas Burlington Greenwich Berwick

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