Local restaurant Callister’s expands with new Coldbrook ice cream shop, planning further expansions

Published on July 14, 2017

Popular local restaurant Callister’s Country Kitchen, in Coldbrook, has a new addition: an ice cream shop.


COLDBROOK, NS - If you have driven down Route 1 in Coldbrook, you may have noticed something new and cool happening at Callister’s Country Kitchen.

Leighanna Melvin and her husband Lewis, owners of Callister’s, have celebrated summer with the opening of a brand-new ice cream parlour located beside their restaurant.

When they first opened their restaurant six years ago, Melvin said they always knew they wanted to add on an ice cream parlour, but weren’t sure what it would look like. They started by selling ice cream from a window at the side of the building, but Melvin says it really didn't go anywhere, as people couldn't tell that ice cream was being sold there.

Eventually, everything fell into place. After Scotian Gold closed its ice cream business, the couple first purchased the freezers, then bought the building that houses the Callister’s Country Kitchen, allowing them to do renovations.

After purchasing the building, the first thing they did was venture outside and put on a large deck and improve the parking.

“We now have the new driveway going right around the building,” says Melvin. “So 18 wheelers, and you name it, can get around there now.”

The ice cream parlour, whose name is still under discussion, sells more than 40 flavours of Farmers’ ice cream, soft serve, banana splits sundaes and more. Melvin says they are still working on the menu so if anyone has any suggestions of things they would like to see, they would love to hear about it.

Melvin is excited about their new business venture.

“We love people and how else to make people happy besides feeding them?” he asks.

Keep an eye out on Callister’s Country Kitchen, because Melvin says in the next couple of years, they are planning another expansion.

“This is the beginning of a wonderful thing.”