Firefighting couple turning heads with Phoenix Leather

Published on August 10, 2017

Phoenix Leather owners Adam and Angeladayle Griffin show off the radio and glove straps they developed to help fellow firefighters protect their gear.

©Ashley Thompson

PORT WILLIAMS - Adam Griffin’s pursuit of a new radio strap to complement his firefighting gear has led to a lot more than he originally anticipated.

After shopping around and learning that it would cost at least $200 for the strap he had in mind, Griffin started to explore the idea of making his own.

“I was looking at the ones that were already made and it’s really not too, too difficult.”

He went to Tandy Leather in Darmouth to get supplies and advice, and first tried his luck at making a glove strap to clip onto his bunker gear.

“Everyone at the fire hall wanted one,” said Adam’s wife, fellow Port Williams Volunteer Fire Department member Angeladayle Griffin.

“We just started making other things and selling them and then, finally, he got his radio strap.”

The couple launched Phoenix Leather this summer, and started crafting handmade products for custom orders in their spare time. On top of their work for Phoenix Leather, the Port Williams residents are raising two young children – three-year-old Elliot and seven-month-old Aurora – working, firefighting and serving on a rope rescue team.

They plan to grow the business at a manageable pace, and are thrilled the firefighting accessories are catching the attention of departments throughout the county.

“The glove strap hooks to the outside of your gear so that we always have access to our gloves and they’re not stuck in a pocket,” Angeladayle explained.

“The radio straps hold your radio so that they’re not in a pocket, they don’t fall out, they don’t get damaged and they don’t get tangled… if you can protect it from getting ruined, then your chief is probably really happy with you.”

Dog owners are also starting to take notice of Phoenix Leather’s selection of custom collars.

“The dog collar has exploded,” said Angeladayle.

While they’re hardly at the point to rely on the home-based business venture as a primary source of income, they’re thrilled with the public’s response to their products thus far.

“Adam is more of the design and the hard work, and I am more of the painting and the hand stitching. He makes them, and I make them pretty,” said Angeladayle with a laugh.

“We definitely enjoy doing it,” Adam added.

To learn more visit the Phoenix Leather Facebook page, or call 902-300-9294.