‘The Price is Right’ for Centreville family

Published on January 10, 2013
A Centreville family was thrilled when daughter Joanie – who went by her first name Myra on The Price is Right - won a car and an iPhone on the show. From left are Joanie, Logan (rear), Krista, Lacey and Robert Morse during their visit to the show in Los Angeles Oct. 29. - Submitted

By John DeCoste



Logan Morse admits he has been a fan of The Price is Right for most of his life.

The Centreville resident always dreamed of being part of the popular TV show’s studio audience, and late last year, his dream came true as he got to attend a taping of ‘The Price is Right’ in California, along with four other members of his family.

“I’ve wanted to go for years, but you have to be 18 to take part,” Logan said in a phone interview Jan. 4, the day after the Morse family’s appearance on The Price is Right aired on TV.

Logan turned 18 in October, and his parents, Robert and Krista, arranged the trip to Los Angeles to celebrate the event. Also making the trip were Logan’s sister, Lacey, and half-sister, Joanie, who both live in British Columbia.

Not only was the trip a dream of a lifetime for Logan, it had a silver lining as well. Joanie (who went by her first name Myra on the show) “was selected for one of the pricing games,” and ended up winning both an iPhone and a new car.

The show, which was taped Oct. 29, ended up being shown on TV Jan. 3.

“It’s been a surreal experience,” Logan admitted, adding, “it felt like a dream most of the time.”

He explained, “it’s free to get on the show. You just have to request tickets.” He and his family “waited in line starting at 3 a.m., and were there all day.”

As for becoming a contestant, there is nothing random about the selection of the candidates.

“In the morning, you do up your paperwork, then the executive producer interviews everyone and makes the final selections,” he explained.

“I’ve watched the show quite a lot,” so when they were part of the audience, “we agreed everyone would look to me for direction.

“My sister wanted to win an iPhone; I was hoping to win a car, and it turned out we ended up with both.”

Joanie was in the first pricing game, and the iPhone was one of the prizes.

Being a long-time fan of The Price is Right aside, Logan stressed, “(the whole experience) was a real thrill. None of us had any voices left when it was over.”