CareForce fundraising to help Kentville Legion replace roof

Jennifer Hoegg
Published on July 22, 2014

CareForce’s Joel Stoddart and Melissa Westcott, along with Kentville branch president Paul Gourlay, are hoping to give the legion a helping hand with repairs to its roof. – Wendy Elliott, 

©Wendy Elliott

A local business wants to give the Kentville Legion a helping hand.

CareForce, a co-operative home-care agency, is fundraising to pay for the building’s roof repairs.

“We heard through the grapevine that the Kentville Legion was able to shingle half of their roof, but wasn’t able to finish the work,” business development manager Joel Stoddart said.

The legion was experiencing a fundraising challenge, legion branch president Paul Gourlay said.

“Funds are tight. Veterans are dying off,” Gourlay said.

“There’s only half a dozen Second World War veterans left in our branch. The ladies’ auxiliary all are in their late-70s, 80s and 90s.”

As a company that counts many seniors among its clientele, Stoddart said CareForce wanted to help.

“We provide care for a lot of veterans – a lot of people who are members of the legion or past members of the legion,” he said.

Gourlay says the cost of the project is $6,000 to $10,000. Government grants helped fund the first half of the roof replacement.

“We’re kind of honoured and tickled that they would think of us,” he said of CareForce’s plan. 

The campaign aims to raise $6,000 through events, online donations and from employee contributions. A July yard sale earned $700 towards the cause.

“Our staff – we have about 80 employees – we ask them if they will donate a portion of each pay cheque… for the fundraising cause,” he said. “It helps raise quite a bit of money.”

CareForce does annual charity projects, Stoddart said. Last year’s fundraisers supported Chrysalis House with cash and in kind donations.

“It’s two-fold – it’s giving back to the community and for us it’s a bit of team building, morale building exercise,” Stoddart said.