The strongest man in Gaspereau reaches 100

Published on April 18, 2017

Centenarian Morley Jodrey of Gaspereau enjoyed his 100th birthday party on April 15 when family and friends arrived to help him celebrate.

©Wendy Elliott

GASPEREAU NS – Morley Jodrey, once known as the strongest man in Gaspereau, marked his 100th birthday on April 15.

A nephew of industrialist Roy A. Jodrey, he began working as a water boy on his uncle’s power projects at age 11.
At the age of 18, he lifted a huge stone in a gravel pit in Wallbrook. Later it was broken into two pieces and weighed 600 pounds in total.
His daughter, Jane Hennigar, recalled that her “gentle giant of a father” was known for lifting three apple barrels at one time.
“He was a totally awesome man,” she stated.
Hennigar said that later he was involved in the construction of Methals Dam. A plumber by trade, his working career ended in Halifax.
She estimated that 200 people attended the birthday party. Family came from as far away as Boston, Ontario and B.C.
“It was great excuse for a family reunion,” Hennigar said. She and her husband, Tom, retired and moved home from Ontario several years ago to live with her father. Brother Jack lives nearby.