Kentville’s Gertrude Morse has made a difference

Published on April 19, 2017

Gertrude Morse of Kentville’s Fidelis House posed with Premier Stephen McNeil and her daughter at the Halifax event honouring the province’s volunteers.


KENTVILLE NS – Kentville’s provincial volunteer of the year Gertrude Morse has been the rock that shores up Fidelis House for over 25 years.

Recently the long time volunteer coordinator was recognized by both the Lieutenant Governor and the Premier in Halifax.
Located on the grounds of the Valley Regional Hospital, Fidelis House offers a home away from home. It serves guests whose loved ones are in the hospital or patients themselves receiving medical treatment.
Morse has headed many fundraisers for Fidelis House, creating funding that has been the foundation of the organization. She also manages daily operations at the house, helping volunteers and patients alike.
The recruitment of volunteers is her principal responsibility and she has established a family of friends who work together happily and efficiently.
Her citation from Kentville indicates that Morse's “service is beyond reproach- we believe her accomplishments and leadership have played a crucial role in the creation of a warm, comfortable and caring home away from home for patients and families of the Valley Regional Hospital.”
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Fidelis House and the board nominated Morse because of that anniversary and her dedication to managing the house, said member John Calpin.
The concept was first developed with Morse’s dear friend, the late Shirley Cameron. According to Calpin, she has demonstrated long-term commitment and tireless energy on a daily basis.
“The quality of service, retention of our volunteer base and impeccable standards the facility is maintained is directly attributed to the effort and commitment of Gertrude,” Calpin said.
“Gertrude’s service is beyond reproach, considering her 25 year involvement and the energy she continues to commit on a daily basis.”

Did you know?
- The volunteers at Fidelis House are comprised of 65 seniors, over 40 per cent of whom have in excess of 10 years service.
- The house has over 1,500 guests stay each year. Medical staff from out of town also make use of the facility.
- After many fund raisers and with the recruitment of the Kentville Lions Club, Fidelis House became a reality in 1991, then located in the Miller Hospital building.
- In 2003, the Miller Building was bulldozed and Fidelis House was built on an adjacent property, a $500,000 project.
- The mortgage of $250,000 was retired in less than four years.
- Guests pay $20 per night, a rate unchanged since 2003. The house is only closed on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1.
- The Yarmouth Lions Club has been holding an annual dinner to benefit Fidelis House for five or six years.