Kings County students participate in Student Vote mock election

Published on May 30, 2017

Ella Comeau, left, greets a classmate while pretending to be a returning officer for a mock election exercise offered through the Student Vote Nova Scotia program.

©Ashley Thompson

KENTVILLE - Grade 8 student Ella Comeau could hardly wait to cast her ballot in a mock provincial election exercise at Kings County Academy.

“I really like politics; I get a little bit angry sometimes about it,” she said.

Ella was on a mission when she stepped into the polling station for Student Vote Nova Scotia. She knew her vote wouldn’t be counted in the actual provincial election, but she still saw the exercise as an opportunity to send the governing Liberals a message.

“I don’t like Stephen McNeil because of the work-to-rule this year, so I was trying to go against the Liberals,” she said, noting that she has supported the party in the past.

Like her peer, Sarah MacDougall paid close attention to the labour dispute between the provincial government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

“School spirit just went down the hill. It was not good,” she said, adding that she was personally impacted by when extracurricular activities were interrupted as a result of work-to-rule job action.

Without revealing how she voted, MacDougall said she considered what the candidates would be advocating for in Halifax before she marked her ballot.

“I would like to see someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help their region and to help other people, and listen to what people are saying,” she said.

“And stand up for what’s right.”

Taylor Harvey considered how the political parties could help people in need, and “what they’re going to do for Kentville.” He added that he’s interested in the economy and projects like community gardens.

Cameron Oickle said there were a number of factors to consider before voting, making it a difficult decision. He said he’s more apt to support candidates that will advocate for more youth activities while striving to make the community “bigger and better for everyone.”

“I look to see what they’re promising and what they are wanting to do with the community and around Kentville,” he added.

An estimated 15,000 students in 186 schools throughout the province were expected to cast their ballots as part of mock election activities held May 29 for the Student Vote Nova Scotia program.

The Student Vote Nova Scotia results will be revealed when the polls for the provincial election close at 8 p.m. May 30.