Port Williams truck tribute deemed a success

Published on June 10, 2017

Ami Taylor, Logan van Kippersluis and Mark Taylor posed with their trophies at the Tribute to Trucks on June 10.

©Wendy Elliott

PORT WILLIAMS NS – Lindsay Milne of Kentville was up at 6 a.m. on June 10 to make sure his two trucks were gleaming.

He took part in the first Tribute to Truckers held by the Port Williams Lions and said he was impressed with both the turnout of trucks and people.
Milne currently owns eight trucks and a towing business
The working truck show filled up the back lot of the community centre, where the village ox pulls used to occur, and was deemed a success by organizers.
King Lion Trish Hamm handed out trophies to Logan van Kippersluis, Ami Taylor and Raymond Burr.
The Taylor family of Centreville had 10 trucks in the show.
Dad Mark Taylor likes to collect and restore trucks with Detroit two stroke engines. He’s found some in fields, some were given to him and others he travelled as far as the West Coast to obtain.
“Everybody else has cars,” he said. “I just like the noise. They’re different.”
The collection includes a colourful M& M truck and a smart looking Harley Davidson-decorated one, but then there’s his venerable ‘rat rod truck.’ It’s a 1965 tow truck.
Taylor calls it a beauty of a truck, but that’s because he put it together. Most of his vehicles are stored in a warehouse and they date back to the 60’s and 70’s.
Daughter Ami enjoys the hobby. She’s proud of drag racing a truck once in Digby and beating her dad in that competition.
Chair of the event was Lion Ian MacKinnon, who began organizing the show back in February, Hamm said.
“He just ran with it,” she said. Entry to the show for competitors was $20 per truck.

King Lion Trish Hamm, left, poses with trophy winner Ami Taylor and organizer Lion Ian MacKinnon in front of an engine display at the Port Williams Community Centre.

©Wendy Elliott