Berwick residents painting the town red for Canada 150

Published on June 28, 2017

Berwick resident Cheryl Fancey poses with the display she created as part of the town-wide Red Chair Challenge for July 1, a date that has a special place in her heart for a couple of reasons.

©Ashley Thompson

BERWICK - The Town of Berwick extended a fun challenge for Canada’s 150th birthday.

Residents and merchants alike were invited to participate in the Red Chair Challenge, a contest that prompts participants to place a red chair outside of their home or business.

“The red chair symbolizes a welcoming spirit,” said Cheryl Fancey , who was thrilled to have the chance to partake in the Canada Day contest.

“Canada Day is really special to me, it’s also my birthday and I try to do stuff for it every year. I’m quite involved with the community… and it’s good to do stuff for the community to show that you like where you live.”

The guidelines established for the Red Chair Challenge stated that entries were to be put in place by 4:30 p.m. June 28. The winner, to be selected by judges, will receive some Canada Day décor.

Carol Boylan-Hartling, recreation co-ordinator for the Town of Berwick, was pleased to see more than 30 places registered for the challenge as of June 26.

Fancey said she has several fond memories from attending celebrations on the first of July over the years, and the Red Chair Challenge is a fun way to make the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation stand out.

She vividly remembers taking in some Dominion Day festivities on her fifth birthday in 1967.

“My first memory was walking through the airstream trailers in Dartmouth with my Dad, listening to the music of Aquarius,” she said.

“It’s just a really important day for me. It’s really easy to remember what you did on every birthday.”

Berwick resident Cheryl Fancey says Canada Day has a special place in her heart for a couple of reasons.