Hants History: June 26, 2017 edition

Published on June 29, 2017

In June 1992, Jeff and Donna Dunfield were preparing for the grand reopening of Jeff's Irving in Falmouth after it had been destroyed by fire about a year and a half earlier.

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HANTS COUNTY, N.S. — Here's a look at what was making the news 25 and 50 years ago in the Hants Journal.

25 years ago (June 17 and June 24, 1992 editions)

• Marty and Joanne Harvey's new bungalow in Burlington was struck by lightning, wreaking havoc on the electrical appliances and tearing a hole through the roof June 8.

• Two alleged jewellery thieves were involved in a serious car crash in Mount Denson. It was reported the pair were attempting to get away from police following a jewellery heist at Herbin Jewellers in Wolfville. The vehicle was said to have been travelling “about 100 miles an hour” when it crashed. One person was thrown from the vehicle, the other was trapped inside when it rolled. Both were taken to the hospital. It was reported that police picked up jewellery from around the crash scene.

• Ursala and Freddie, the Falmouth teddies, named their twin cubs Honey and Sonny. The annual Teddy Bear Jamboree was reported to have been a big success in 1992.

• On June 22, Nova Scotia's enhanced 911 emergency telephone service was launched in Kings County and Hantsport. It was set to be rolled out in Hants County in “the near future” and available province-wide by the end of 1993.

• Avondale residents were upset over a classification that they felt was too restrictive. With an AR1 zone, lots smaller than 25 acres could not be sold.

Don 'Weiner' Brown finished in the top four at the Maitland Dragway June 6-7, 1992 with his '78 Ford Mustang Super Pro race car. Sponsored by Firestone of Canada and Ford Motorcraft, it was reported in the Journal that he was looking forward to having a successful season.
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• Don 'Weiner' Brown finished in the top four at the Maitland Dragway June 6-7. He drove a '78 Ford Mustang Super Pro race car. Bill White and Scott Ward, of Glen Sampson Pontiac in Windsor, painted the race car.

• The Windsor Elementary School speech competition wrapped up. Laura Hughes took first place, while Melissa Harvey came in second and Jennifer Mummery placed third. Other finalists were Chantal Pelham, Jennifer Johnson, Colette O'Hara, Justin Sheppard, Ashley Boyd, Toven MacLean, and Lauren Wood.

• For the first time in Hants West Rural High School's history, the girls' softball team won the provincial AA high school softball championship title. The team, coached by Andy McDade and Blair Wheaton, consisted of Tanya Lunn, Wendy Spence, Kelly Dykstra, Lori Pike, Robin Fahie, Suzie Lowthers, Meredith Fletcher, Charmaine Macumber, Jennifer MacDonald, Leanne Worr, Jocelyn Hood, Leanne Verge, Alexia Mizuik, Tracy Beaver and Raeanne Fletcher.

• Windsor Regional High School celebrated their top athletes at an awards ceremony. Bridget Moore was named junior female athlete of the year and Cory Sanford was named the junior male athlete of the year. The senior athletes of the year were Markus Kehoe and Cheryl Woodman.

• King's-Edgehill School celebrated their top athletes. Junior athletes of the year were Melissa Williams (of Falmouth) and Richard Goulden; senior athletes of the year were Alison MacKay and William Keaveny.

• After fire destroyed Jeff's Irving station in Falmouth in 1991, owner Jeff Dunfield, and his wife, Donna, were ready to hold a grand reopening celebration June 20. They had operated at a temporary location while the site was being rebuilt.

It was noted that the new station “meets the toughest of environmental standards” and that the three-bay station was the only 24-hour garage in the area offering full service.

50 years ago (June 21 and June 28,1967)

The June editions featuring news from 50 years ago are unavailable.

The photo is of the Windsor Academy, which won the Maritime High Schoool Hockey Championship in 1919. The team consisted of, from left, back row: 'Chooky' MacDonald, Jim Reid, and 'Cy' H. Carleton Smith; front row: John MacDonald, Sam MacDonald, Tommy Winning, and Ernie Mosher. This photograph of the 1919 high school hockey champions was reprinted in the 1992 edition of the Hants Journal. At the time, it was noted that Mosher was sporting the modern tube skates while the others wore the conventional single skates with heels. None of the athletes wore shoulder or elbow pads or helmets, and only some wore shin pads.

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