Youth helps care for fawn found in New Glasgow backyard until mom returns

Published on June 8, 2017

Ibrahaim Dedekhani holds a baby fawn he heard crying in his west side New Glasgow neighbourhood.


NEW GLASGOW, N.S. — Eight-year-old Ibrahim Dedekhani was home Wednesday evening when he heard what sounded like crying like a baby for a long time.

“Nobody could figure out what it was until Ibrahim came running that he had followed the sound and there is a baby deer in the neighbours’ backyard,” said his father Javad. “So he went and asked permission from the neighbour to investigate. By then I was there, we all went looking around and found this little guy or gal sitting under a tree.”

Ibrahim, wanting to make sure the fawn was cared for, brought over a cardboard box and a cozy blanket for the deer.

Finally, the family left the fawn in the box. Javad said the fawn seemed to really like the blanket and did not want to move from it.

They then left the fawn where it was and Thursday morning when they looked it was gone.

“The neighbour reported that shortly after we left last evening the mother was around the backyard,” Javad said.

According to information provided on the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources website, the Dedekhani family did the right thing by leaving the fawn outside.

Wildlife experts say that often animals that appear to be orphaned aren’t and that their mothers typically return for their babies as the doe did in this case.

DNR advises that if an animal seems to be hurt, lost or abandoned, you should not approach it. Instead observe its behaviour and then call your local Department of Natural Resources office and wildlife specialists will help determine how best to help the animal.

Raising or keeping wildlife is illegal under the Nova Scotia Wildlife Act.