Growth all around you: Atlantic Timelapse

Housing prices rise and fall across Atlantic Canada, but urban development rarely stops. Anyone seeking proof of that can now consult Google’s Earth Engine Timelapse video.

The interactive video works similarly to Google Maps; pick a location, zoom in to see a satellite view. However, instead of roads, rivers and your favourite restaurant, it opens a window on the changes that have taken place between 1984 and 2016. One frame for each year.
This presents a look at the changes an area has experienced over the 32-year span of the project. The population in and around Truro, N.S., what Statistics Canada calls a Census Metropolitan Area, grew almost 2 per cent between 2006 and 2011, for example. St. John’s, N.L. came close to 9 per cent growth over the same period.

For more on Google Earth's Timelapse video, visit their website.

The latest Google Earth image of Charlottetown, P.E.I. Google's Timelapse gives users a chance to see how their neighbourhoods have changed since 1984.
Google Earth