Women of Wolfville: a decade of difference

Published on February 22, 2011
The Women of Wolfville (WOW) produce HOPE, the group’s 10th production.

The Women of Wolfville have raised over $120,000 with their annual mid-winter shows.

Having been involved for a decade, director Linda Wheeldon says this year’s theme of hope is turning into a wonderful experience.

“When this show was being hatched, we realized it was our 10th anniversary, and our audience members began pointing out that our shows, our fun and hard work brought a sense of community, a place for others to contribute to making the world better.”

The annual show this year will contribute to five charities: fully half of the proceeds will go toward the new Wolfville Farmers Market. Other charities are Right to Play, Chelsea Helping Hands, KFROGS and Light 4 Learning.

The conversation, Wheeldon says, turned to recollections about the profound effect the shows had for the charities supported, and also for the many women who were and continue to be involved. 

“People who never thought they would act, write or produce a show, did. We began to think of our work as providing ripples of influence and hope.”

The WOW women have a commitment to being inter-generational, she says. One initiative this year was to ask students in Kings County to write their hopes. Their outpourings included hoping the family stays together to hoping for a new puppy.

”It has been remarkable to produce a show that reflects on the many dimensions of hope.”

This year’s production features first-rate choreography by Acadia University student Janna Day and local dance instructor Tracy Nasson Fitz. Musical director is Heather Price.

Approximately 50 women, aged seven to 94, are taking part.

“Our oldest member, Mary Ganong,” says Salmon, “has taken part in every production.”

The production will take place Feb. 23, Feb. 24 and twice Feb. 26. Tickets are available at the Box of Delights bookstore in Wolfville or at the door.