Horton students raise funds for gender equality

Wendy Elliott welliott@kingscountynews.ca
Published on April 6, 2015

Sophia Bush-Anderson, in this file photo, points out some of the art contributed to the I Am A Girl fundraiser last year at Horton High School.

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WOLFVILLE - Students at Horton High School are holding an event at the Al Whittle Theatre on Wedesday, April 8, in support of Because I am a Girl

Grade 12 student Sophia Bush-Anderson, one of the organizers, says that “music, dancing, spoken word and inspiration as female artists across our province come together to tell us about their dreams.”

She says, “all proceeds are being donated to this wonderful organization to help them carry on initiatives,”

This year along side the now annual art show fundraiser, Horton's Because I am a Girl Club has moved into the community.

Bush Anderson says the evening promises to be “an exciting roaster of female performers lined up to dance, sing, perform spoken word, a monologue and short skits.”

She adds, the point of the show is to highlight and showcase some of the amazing women around the Valley and to give the chance for our community to show their support to this wonderful and very important issue.”

She hopes that the evening will draw “men, women, children, our community coming together to support, discuss and hopefully inspire each other to take action and open up the discussion about gender inequality. After all, gender inequality is not just a girls issue.”

“We encourage everyone of all ages to attend the event because we believe that the key is getting children involved and educated early on. We hope that with more female role models, girls will no longer put barriers on their dreams, and will see only the sky as their limit.”

The art show showcasing local artists will be displayed upstairs in Studio Z. The entertainment will run until approximately 9 p.m. with an intermission. Tickets are 5$ each or 20$ for 5 (a family pass).

The campaign began shortly after Plan International published its first annual report on the state of the world's girls in 2007, titled "Because I am a Girl.”

Violence against girls, forced child marriage, endemic poverty, and many other topics were examined. Plan International developed the Because I am a Girl campaign as an ongoing initiative to launch projects aimed at remedying the challenges faced by girls.