How do Santa’s reindeer fly?

Published on December 24, 2012

Julia Schofield’s Primary class at Gaspereau Elementary helped solve some of the mysteries of Christmas. From left, in front, are Carson Roberts, Caeden Merks and Cooper Pinch. In the middle row are Taylor Wilson, Robbie Little, Sophie Rideout, Sophia Swinamer, Jaxon Levy, Reuben Stettler, Abby Davies and Olivia Wamboldt. In back are Maggie Heyler, Ashton Kozlowski, Lily Walsh, Elissa Totten, Nathan Allen, Hunter Hancock, Ryland Kerr and Cohen Munro. 

By Jennifer Vardy Little

The Kings County Advertiser


Magic, potions, special food, Christmas cookies – there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on exactly how reindeer fly, but one thing Sophia Swinamer is sure about is that practice makes perfect.

“Santa’s reindeer are special and Rudolph helps them by lighting his nose up, and that’s how they fly,” said the five-year-old. “They don’t fly fast at first, they have to practice a lot.”

With Christmas upon us, The Kings County Advertiser turned to the experts to get the real scoop on the matter – the children in Julia Schofield’s Primary class at Gaspereau Elementary. Here’s what they had to say:


Sophie Rideout, five

“They push their feet off the ground and they fly up. They eat special food, like Christmas cookies, and it makes them fly. The cookies are like gingerbread men.”


Hunter Hancock, five

“By magic. Santa gives them special magic that makes people fly. It’s a yellow colour and it sparkles. He sprinkles it over them every day.


Ashton Kozlowski, five

“Santa throws sparkles at them to make them fly. The sparkles are red, yellow, green, blue and purple. He gets them from his pocket. Santa is the only one who has them, no one else. The reindeer like to fly – they have to so Santa can deliver the presents to the houses.”


Carson Roberts, five

“Santa’s sleigh has sprinkles in it – like the ones you put on a cookie, but they’re magic sprinkles. He puts them on the reindeer so they can fly. They have to practice, though. They fly really fast and they like flying.”


Cooper Pinch, five

“They have magic food. It’s reindeer food that Santa only has at the North Pole. They eat it every day and they like flying around.”


Caeden Merks, five

“Santa gives them a magic potion. It’s something they put on them. It sparkles. It’s soft, like water, and they have it every day. But they don’t fly every day, only on Christmas. It’s fun to fly, I think. They go really fast.”


Jaxon Levy, five

“There’s special magic at the North Pole. It’s sparkly and the reindeer get it from the other side of the sled, where Santa sits.”


Ewan Miner, five

“They have magic berries that you can only get in the North Pole. They’re red, like special cherries. They eat a lot of them so they can fly. They like to fly and practice every day.”


Taylor Wilson, five

“They eat special food so they can fly. It’s special reindeer food that they find in the woods. They at it every day because it’s yummy. They love to fly, it’s fun to fly.”


Elissa Totten, five

“They have special shoes so they can fly. They’re brown and they wear them every time they want to fly. They love flying because it’s fun. Santa gives them new shoes every Christmas and that helps them fly.”


Cohen Munro, five

“I think it’s magic fairy dust.”


Robbie Little, five

“The reindeer at the Wildlife Park don’t fly, so Santa must give them something special when reindeer go to his house in the North Pole. I think it’s invisible wings that they have. You can’t see them because they’re invisible. But that only makes them go forward. There’s something that goes in their mouth too, to make them float. It’s like magic food, only it looks like rocks. Blue and green rocks. And they eat them up to make them go up in the sky, and they use their invisible wings.”


Maggie Heyler, five

“There’s this special magic dust. It’s yellow. Santa buys it somewhere. I think he doesn’t throw it at the reindeer every day, just on Christmas Eve. They like it when he does because they like to fly and go really high.”


Nathan Allen, five

“Rudolph’s nose is magic and that makes them fly. All of the reindeer have magic noses, but only Rudolph’s is red. All the reindeer like to fly and they have to practice to get good at it, but it’s fun to practice sometimes.”


Olivia Wamboldt, six


Lily Walsh, five

“I think it’s magic dust. It’s blue in a brown bottle. They make it in the winter snow that’s at the North Pole.”


Abby Davies, five

“Santa gives them something, I think it’s in the jingle bells they wear.”


Reuben Stettler, five

“Sparkles, special sparkles, they’re magic. They get it from the North Pole store. The elves make it.”