Kings County nets federal funding for asset management plan

Ashley Thompson
Published on January 22, 2016

KENTVILLE - The Municipality of the County of Kings has been selected as one of 12 Canadian recipients of federal Leadership in Asset Management Program (LAMP) funding.

The grant money, $31,500 awarded through the Green Municipal Fund, was announced by Kentville Mayor Dave Corkum on behalf of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Jan. 22.

The FCM is continually advocating for enhanced asset management strategies within municipalities from coast to coast, Corkum said

“Kings County has been selected to participate because of their commitment shown by both council and staff to put in place a more formal asset management system,” he said, speaking in Kings County’s council chambers.

More than $1 million in LAMP grants will be distributed between the communities selected for the program.

“It’s exciting for us to be one municipality out of 12 in the country,” said Kings County Warden Diana Brothers.

A press release issued by Kings County says LAMP encourages the selected municipalities “to work together to develop or refresh their asset management strategies and policies.”

The end goal is to compile information that will result in “better long-term decision-making for all communities concerning municipal assets,” the release says.

Scott Quinn, Kings County’s manager of engineering and public works, says the participating municipalities collaborate and have access to a shared consultant while developing their own management plans. 

“It’s a set of bylaws, policies, and internal operating procedures that govern how they’re going to do their future investments on renewing and adding to their infrastructure base,” he said, noting that the plans will look at how infrastructure projects could be prioritized and implemented while minimizing the impact on tax rates.

It is anticipated the LAMP pilot project will be completed in October 2017. The findings will be distributed to the FCM membership.

The 11 municipalities selected for the Leadership in Asset Management Program along with Kings County include:

-       City of Melville, SK

-       City of Fredericton, NB

-       City of Ottawa, ON

-       City of Windsor, ON

-       City of Airdrie, AB

-       City of Nanaimo, BC

-       Municipality of North Grenville, ON

-       City of Revelstoke, BC

-       Township of Langley, BC

-       City of Vancouver, BC

-       City of Edmonton, AB