Bunny stolen from Greenwich farm market

Published on July 12, 2017

In this file photo Leah Reagh of Kentville holds one of her rabbits at Hennigar’s Farm Market petting zoo.

©Kirk Starratt

GREENWICH, NS – A two-month-old bunny was stolen from the rabbit enclosure at Hennigar’s Farm Market on July 11.

This is the bunny that was stolen from the Greenwich market property on July 11.

The thief or thieves picked out the steel gray and white bunny and took cash in the two donation boxes in the park area.
For owner Leah Sarson of Kentville, it’s the second time this kind of thievery has occurred. Four of her young rabbits were stolen in 2013.
According to Sarson, the bunny was for sale for $10.
“Clearly they didn’t want to pay,” she stated July 12. “I was hoping there wouldn’t be a repeat.”
The missing animal is slightly bigger than a hand and weighs about 1.5 pounds.
Sarson has been keeping her rabbits at the Greenwich market for nine years. She is there every week day morning to care for them.
Knowing the risk of a second theft, Sarson is hopeful that someone will notice the appearance of a small bunny and make a report to police.
She has been putting word of the theft out on social media and hoping for a return.
Did you know?
Arrests were made in the previous incident, but at least two of the three-week-old animals died. A 20-year-old Kentville woman received a conditional discharge with probation in 2015 for that theft, while a male was fined $230 for possession of stolen property in the case.