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There were 138 reports to RCMP in Kings County between Feb. 28 and Mar. 4.

Feb. 28

A youth threatened three other youths while aboard a school bus in western Kings County.

A couple in their 20s are facing liquor charges after they were reported intoxicated near a school in Cambridge at 12:20 p.m.

A dog barking alerted a Melanson Road resident to an individual running away from the property.

A possibly suspicious man on Main Street in Kingston was actually waiting for a bus.

There was a neighbourhood dispute in New Minas.

Some harassing phone calls are being investigated in Wolfville

Some lumber fell off a truck travelling along Church Street and hit a school bus. There weren’t any students on the bus at the time.

Police mediated when two males involved in a love triangle were reportedly sending nasty e-mail messages.

A shopper at the Greenwood Mall reported losing a wallet in the parking lot. It was found, but $500 was missing. Later, there was an inebriated male causing problems at 6:45 p.m.

Mar. 1

A suspicious vehicle was reported near a business in New Minas at 12:40 a.m.

There was a noise complaint on Pleasant Street in Wolfville.

Police stopped a vehicle on Highway 101 near Wolfville and found some marijuana. The vehicle was towed.

There were a number of reports of thefts from vehicles in the Forsythe Road area of New Minas. A 16-year-old youth was nabbed about 4 a.m. after footprints led police to him.

A woman was sleeping near an ATM in New Minas.

An unlocked vehicle was entered overnight in Coldbrook and a GPS was reported stolen.

An older man who collapsed in a New Minas parking lot was taken to hospital by EHS.

A New Minas business reported an internal theft.

Shoplifters were stopped in Greenwood and New Minas.

Mar. 2

Two men got into a fight at a drinking establishment in New Minas and one of them suffered a broken jaw. Police are investigating.

A noise complaint came in from Westwood Avenue in Wolfville. At 1:30 a.m., an inebriated man was arrested after he tried to kick in a door on Highland Avenue in Wolfville.

Police intervened after a report of threats to damage property in Aylesford.

At 2:30 a.m., an intoxicated female staggering up Highland Avenue was reported with a gash over an eye. She was taken to hospital.

At 2:55 a.m., an intoxicated man in New Minas was placed in a cell.

A 19-year-old male was arrested in Wolfville after he was found sitting on a snow bank at 3:42 a.m. He was placed in a cell to sober up. Later, an intoxicated 18-year-old male was sent to hospital. He faces charges of underage drinking.

Police got a call to assist EHS in New Minas and later received a report of bullying in the village.

A man in his 30s was arrested for making threats to kill someone in Sheffield Mills. An investigation is underway.

Two shoplifters were reported by a New Minas department store.

A driver failed to pay for $55 worth of gas in Greenwood.

Two girls were reported yelling at a man across a road in Greenwood. The man was pounding a snow bank.

A vehicle reported in Greenwich was stopped in Wolfville and some marijuana was found.

Mar. 3

A 28-year-old male driver who went over a curb was stopped in New Minas and found to be impaired.

A 20-year-old male was ejected by bar staff in Wolfville for his behavior. He was arrested at 12:51 a.m. and released to his father.

A loud bang alerted a Prospect Street, Wolfville resident to a dent on the door of a vehicle. A pile of vomit was found nearby. The incident occurred at 1:12 a.m.

A neighbourhood dispute in Cambridge was prompted by snowballs thrown at a dog.

Someone test drove a vehicle for sale in Centreville, then failed to return it. Police convinced him to bring it back, but no transaction was made.

A woman, who was ice fishing at Sunken Lake, reported three men for taunting her.

Alcohol fuelled a landlord/tenant dispute atop the South Mountain. The tenant was arrested.

Youth were reported throwing snowballs at windows in Coldbrook and there was also some money missing from an unlocked vehicle overnight.

A driver failed to pay for $99 worth of gas in New Minas.

Mar. 4

A vehicle was gone through overnight on Rock Notch Road near Greenwood.

Four family relations calls were received. A 17-year-old son was reported out of control and another teen threatened to kill his mother.

There were four driving complaints, including someone going the wrong way around the New Minas round about early one morning.


Collisions occurred in Greenwood, Grand Pré and in a New Minas parking lot.

Checkpoints were set up in Grafton, Port Williams, Greenwood, Aylesford and Upper Dyke.

There were three false alarms from a bank, a school and a business in Kings County. Twelve false 911 calls came in.

Organizations: RCMP, New Minas department

Geographic location: New Minas, Wolfville, Kings Greenwood Cambridge Melanson Road Kingston Coldbrook Church Street Highland Avenue Aylesford Pleasant Street Forsythe Road Westwood Avenue Sheffield Mills Greenwich Prospect Street Centreville Sunken Lake South Mountain Rock Notch Road Grand Pré Grafton Port Williams

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