Kings County teams at junior curling bonspiel

John Decoste
Published on December 31, 2012

By John DeCoste

It was a busy and exciting time around the Glooscap Curling Club on the Dec. 8 weekend, as a total of 31 junior curling teams from around the province took part in an invitational bonspiel.

The event was open to U-15 and U-18 teams, male and female. Participating teams represented clubs from the Valley, South Shore, HRM and as far away as Truro.

Six of the participating teams were from the local area, including four from the host club and one each from Berwick and Windsor.

The U-18 boys’ team from Glooscap was a bit of a story in itself. Despite competing in the U-18 division, the oldest team member is skip Isayah Vidito at age 16. Mate Ethan Anderson is 14; second Jonah Vidito and lead Graham McKinnon are both 13.

The team, despite their relatively tender ages, got a boost recently when Scott Turnbull of Winning Edge Sports in Berwick offered to sponsor them. Facing the top competition in the event, Team Vidito ended up the runner-up in the U-18 B Division.

The overall U-18 winner was Peter Abraham from Halifax, while Team Tupper from Berwick captured the U-18 C Division.

Team Meagher, also from Halifax, won the U-18 girls’ competition. Team Godsland from Berwick was runner-up in the B Division, and Team Huntley from Windsor was runner-up in the C Division.

Glooscap was represented in the U-15 boys’ division by a team consisting of skip Brennan Mosher, mate Ryan Wallace, second Andrew Johnson, lead Sam Chute and alternate Thomas Bolland.

Team Mosher ended up winning the C Division. The overall U-15 boys’ winner was Team Weagle from Chester.

There were also two Glooscap teams in the U-15 girls’ division, which was won by Team Cassie Cocks, also from Chester.

The Glooscap team made up of skip Sara Cumby, mate Claire MacLeod, second Claire Donnelly, lead Danielle Cumby and alternate Kailey Bennett won the C Division.

The second Glooscap team, comprised of skip Clara Mosher, mate Sydney Hood, second Katherine Myers and lead Kenzie Melanson, was runner-up in the B Division.