Hants County Machine women sitting in first place in Division 2 rugby league

Published on August 9, 2017

Jaclyn Silver, pictured here in 2016, has stepped up to the plate and taken over the Machine's 10 position.

©Carole Morris-Underhill – Hants Journal

WINDSOR, N.S. — The women’s division of the Hants County Rugby Football Club has had a stellar season to date, with their last home game set for Aug. 12 versus the Halifax Tars.

The Windsor Machine, as they’re more commonly called, has a 5-1 record, which is good for first place in the Division 2 standings.

“The Machine started off pretty rough. We lost our very first season game to Pictou,” said Head coach Shawn Johnson, noting that the Pictou team draws on a lot of players attending St. F.X. University.

“But after that first initial loss, we have gone undefeated the whole entire season.”

Johnson said they have a mix of high school and university students, plus more seasoned veterans, and they’re gelling well together.

At their last game, for instance, the Machine defeated Riverlake RFC 77-10.

Johnson said several players have really stepped up this season, including Danielle Wisen, who is “a very positive player and never misses a tackle,” high schooler Justine Blatt-Janmaat, who is “definitely making herself noticed at the provincial level in our province,” and Jaclyn Silver, who “had to step up to the plate and play the 10 position and has been doing excellent all season long keeping control of the backs and communicating” with teammates.

The final game of the season will be at 1 p.m. on Aug. 12 at King’s-Edgehill School.

“Overall, we have an excellent team this season. We have a lot of youth as well as a lot of veteran players,” said Johnson.

“Ultimately they are all giving 100 per cent on and off the field and committing, which makes it for me, as a coach, an excellent experience and allows me to be part of the positive season.”

Playoff dates have yet to be set, but Johnson says he anticipates two games will be played in Windsor.