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NSLC store in Wolfville reopens three weeks after ceiling collapse

The ceiling of the NSLC in Wolfville collapsed June 26.
The ceiling of the NSLC in Wolfville collapsed June 26.

WOLFVILLE -  The NSLC is back in business.

A large section of the suspended ceiling in the retail section of Wolfville's NSLC store collapsed during open hours June 26. Employees gathered around the building following the collapse said they heard a rumbling noise before the ceiling fell, and prompted customers to evacuate the store. No one was injured.

A press release issued by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation July 17 said the store is now reopened, and better than it was before the ceiling snafu.

“This is nothing short of fantastic work by all. Our people and our contractors put in a tremendous effort over the past three weeks and we appreciate their commitment to getting this job done safely in such a tight time period,” said regional manager Lorne Delaney.

There is now a walk-in refrigerated area instead of a reach-in unit, 800 square feet of new retail space and a larger selection of wines, the NSLC release states.

“This means we can now offer chilled single serve beer and Ready to Drink products such as coolers that were previously available warm on store shelves,” said Store Manager Debra Saunders in a prepared statement.

NSLC’s statement goes on to stress that the “structural integrity of the building is not in question.”

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