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Heritage fair returns to KCA with over 100 projects

Owen Schofield learned more about Tim Hortons and its role in Canadian identity, as part of a heritage fair project at KCA.
Owen Schofield learned more about Tim Hortons and its role in Canadian identity, as part of a heritage fair project at KCA. - Submitted

KENTVILLE - Over 100 students at KCA school in Kentville recently participated in a heritage fair to celebrate Canada’s culture and history.

Projects, completed in either French or English, told stories ranging from the Halifax explosion to Sable Island horses to the evolution of transportation. Several students shared the personal stories of their ancestors, many of whom they had a chance to interview about their personal experiences.

Grade 4 student Aaron Caines was one of those students. Caines’ great-great uncle, Caleb Rushton, was one of the miners trapped in the Springhill mine disaster. As an infant, Caines attended Rushton’s funeral, and recently returned to Springhill to interview his widow. While there, Caines got to sing the song written about the mine disaster, in which Rushton is named, with Rushton’s nephew and great-nephew.

Alex Churchill looked at the story of his great-grandfather and his time with the Royal Rifles of Canada during the Second World War and the Battle of Hong Kong, where he ended up a prisoner of war for close to four years.

“I was always fascinated in war and history, so this seemed to be the perfect project for me,” says Churchill. “I liked the idea that my project was personal.”

Lucy Harland, Grade 5, says she chose to do her project, entitled Kentville Then and Now, because of her grandfather.

“My grandfather grew up in Kentville and knows the stories,” she says, “and I like to spend time with him listening to his stories.”

Caden Schofield, Grade 4, also completed his project about Kentville, looking into the history of the Glooscap Curling Club, as he himself, is a curler.

“I didn’t know much about the curling club,” says Schofield, “so, I wanted to learn more.”

This was the first time in several years that KCA has hosted a Heritage Fair, says school principal Victoria Laurence. She says staff was thrilled with the number of students who participated in the event and with the high calibre of the projects.

“We are incredibly proud of our students for the tremendous effort they put into their projects and hope that this will continue for years to come,” she says.

Ten students were selected to go to the regionals which will be held at the Kingstec campus in May.

Caden Schofield -History of the Glooscap Curling Club
Aaron Caines - Springhill Mine Disaster
Aaron Pulsifer - History of Halifax
Lucy Harland - Kentville Then and Now
Abby MacLeod & Maleia Strong - 1950s Clothing
Owen Schofield - Tim Hortons as a Canadian Identity
Thomas Duke - 1800s Cooking
Alex Churchill - History of his Great-Grandfather in the WW2 with the Royal Rifles
Drew Zettler & Matthew Boutilier - The role of Canada in WW2
Aidan Langille - Oak Island

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