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Softball players unite in Waterville to support Children’s Wish Foundation

WATERVILLE - Sorren Spinney tossed the first pitch in the Children’s Wish Foundation’s 10th annual charity softball tournament, kicking off the fund-raising weekend held June 8-10.

The popular and much-anticipated event, hosted by the Michelin Sport and Social Club in Waterville, drew almost three dozen teams and continues June 15-17.

The two-weekend event, organized by Christine Anderson and Kent Mullins and made possible through the support of community volunteers, includes barbecues, refreshments, entertainment, and raffle draws – with all proceeds going towards making a child’s wish come true.

For the first time, of the 32 teams taking part this year, several will be playing on behalf of previous years’ wish kids – with these teams donning jerseys with a different wish kid’s name on the back.

The tournament kicked off by this year’s wish kid Sorren Spinney throwing the opening pitch. Along with Sorren, the start of the tournament was attended by Hailey Kane and Karissa Bezanson, the 2013 and 2017 wish kids.

In early July last year, Sorren was diagnosed with Stage 3 lymphoma – a rare, aggressive cancer of the white blood cells. The diagnosis came after she’d been rushed to the IWK for additional testing of a mysterious lump that had appeared on her neck. Since then, Sorren has undergone intense chemotherapy treatment, and is now doing much better.

Like most six-year-old girls, Sorren loves unicorns, horses, swimming, naps, and most importantly, the world of Disney. When she was told she would have her most heartfelt wish granted by the Children’s Wish Foundation, NS Chapter, it didn’t take long for the Disney-loving Sorren to decide on a trip to see her beloved Rapunzel.

Sorren’s wish is expected to come true once she is all finished with her treatment – probably when she is eight years old. Sorren turns seven this July.

Sorren’s father, Jonathan Spinney, accompanied her to the event with her three older brothers. Spinney was happy to see his daughter enjoying the day and was very grateful on behalf of his family for the efforts put in by Children’s Wish, Michelin, and the community.

“We’re really excited and thankful for everyone who has recognized Sorren and what she’s going through,” said Spinney. “And for all the support, the help, and work that’s been done by Michelin, the foundation, and the community.”

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