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‘Work hard and aim high’: Horton celebrates graduates of 2018

GREENWICH, NS - Good things come in hundreds for Horton High School students at their graduation– in this case, in dollars and averages.

Horton High School celebrated its graduating class of 2018 on June 28, where several scholarships and awards were presented to many of the 210 graduates.

The largest scholarship was received by Heather McLean – a renewable entrance scholarship to Wagner College in New York with a four-year value of approximately $100,000.

One of the top award winners in the evening was valedictorian Douah Shakshuki, who won several awards, including the Governor General’s Academic Medal and the Horton Leading Student Award for attaining an Honours with Distinction average of 100 per cent. Shakshuki will be attending Acadia University in the fall as part of the engineering program.
As she gave her valedictorian speech, Shakshuski took the opportunity to thank all of those who had taken part in the graduating classes’ journey through high school.

“Firstly, I’d like to thank the amazing teachers and administrators who have provided endless support and encouragement over the past years, in addition to teaching us so many valuable skills,” said Shakshuki.

“Thank you to our families, who have provided guidance, advice, and care which have been integral in our success. And of course, thank you to the class of 2018, all our classmates and friends who have shared their skills and talents, creating an unforgettable high school experience. Thank you all so much for everything you’ve allowed me to learn from you.”

Aside from her speech, Shakshuki had a key piece of advice for the Grade 11 students who will be moving up to Grade 12 next year.

“Throughout the year, you will be presented with many opportunities,” said Shakshuki. “Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences that arise. Make an effort to stay organized, work hard and aim high.”

Award night

The coveted Coldwell Cup – an award created in conjunction with the Ray L. Coldwell Memorial Scholarship, and one of Horton’s most prestigious awards – was presented to Meghan MacLeod, recognizing her as an outstanding student, athlete, and leader and for outstanding achievement in the community.

Anya denHartog and Ben Nickerson were presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Medal and Horton All School Musical Show Trophy, respectively. Justine Blatt-Janmaat and Caleb Melanson each received the D.A. Webber Trophy – awarded to a female and male student for excellence in academic subjects and athletics throughout their high school careers.

After the presentations of awards, principal Brad Strokes spoke to the graduates about success – in both what they’ve achieved to get to this point in their lives, and the accomplishments that still lie ahead of them.

He talked about the challenges they’ve overcome, the decisions they’ve made, and the many ways they’ve contributed to their school, and encouraged them to avoid complacency and let their enthusiasm carry them to even greater things.

“I’d like to leave you with a quote that sums it up, it’s by Reggie Leach, who played in the NHL for the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1970s,” said Stokes. “’Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire’.”

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