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I Do! I Do! - Wolfville musical a series of snapshots in time

Amy Rietsma and Ian Gilmore star as Agnes and Michael Snow in Valley Summer Theatre's offering of the musical comedy 'I Do, I Do.'
Amy Rietsma and Ian Gilmore star as Agnes and Michael Snow in Valley Summer Theatre's offering of the musical comedy 'I Do, I Do.'

WOLFVILLE, NS – The ninth season of Valley Summer Theatre in Wolfville features I Do! I Do!, a musical comedy about wedded bliss.

The play spans 50 years and proves that ''Marriage is a very good thing though it's far from easy.” The two-character story spans 50 years, from 1895 to 1945, as it focuses on the ups and downs experienced throughout a marriage. The set consists solely of their bedroom, dominated by the large four-poster bed in the center of the room.
Iam Gilmore and Amy Reitsma, as Michael and Agnes Snow, build an amusing, touching and convincing relationship from wedding night to the onset of old age.
Gilmore embodies Michael’s initial romantic idealism but also his flaws, be it unconscious arrogance and a writer’s self-absorption to a dose of male chauvinism that elicits groans.
Rietsma creates a compelling arc from the girlish nervousness of a naïve bride to the greater maturity of a patient housewife and mother. Well, she is patient up to a point.
In her assertive highlight number, Rietsma sings, ‘Flaming Agnes,’ in which she gets her ''savage $85 hat'' of feathers and ribbons out of the trunk and prepares to tear up the town.
Parental issues enliven the shorter second act, whose highlights include Michael’s funny ‘The Father of the Bride’ and ‘When the Kids Get Married,’ which is a kind of wish-fulfillment duet.
Director Pamela Halstead trusts the script, even when it’s a bit quaint, and guides the performers to highlight the gentle humor and lilting melodies. The two performers are well matched vocally.
The singing is especially lovely in ‘My Cup Runneth Over,’ which is the stand out hit from the tuneful score by ‘The Fantasticks’ team of author-lyricist Tom Jones and composer Harvey Schmidt.
The duet ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ has a greater comic impact because the lyrics ring true. So reconcilable are their spats that even when Agnes declares ''I don't love you anymore,'' she calls him ''darling.''
The live piano backup, which the audience never witnesses, crackles with talent. Music
direction is by Chuck Homewood with additional accompaniment by Lisa St. Clair of Wolfville. The choreography by Veronique MacKenzie livens up the modest Al Whittle Theatre stage and Gillmore loves to dance.
The original production of I Do, I Do! ran for 560 performances on Broadway, it deserves to have a good run here. The show continues until August 6.
Tickets are available toll-free 1.877.845.1341, through TicketPro toll-free at 1.888.311.9090, online at and at all Atlantic Ticketpro locations. Special subscription and group pricing is available.

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