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Kentville couple wins Irving Pump Up the Fun $100,000 grand prize

COLDBROOK, NS - A Kentville woman who along with her husband won the grand prize in Irving’s Pump Up the Fun says you should never count yourself out when it comes to your luck playing contests.

Elva Turner said that when she first got the phone call about a month ago from Mike Campbell telling her she had won the grand prize, she didn’t believe it at first.

“There’s so many crack calls these days that you’re kind of sceptical when somebody calls you and tells you you’ve won $100,000,” she said.

Turner had played the contest and said it started to sink in after a while that it could be a possibility. She received a release and signed it but said it wasn’t until the end of last week when she received the itinerary for the cheque presentation that the reality truly struck her.

The cheque was presented to her and husband Rick during a celebration at the Irving station in Coldbrook on Oct. 20. They played Pump Up the Fun whenever they purchased gas over the summer. Rick would pump the gas and give Elva the game tickets.

Turner said she had never won anything in a contest before other than $20 playing the lottery and $1 off her gas fill-up playing Pump Up the Fun. She would often joke that she’d lose a contest if she were the only one playing.

Turner said their two children would “profit a little bit” from the winnings. The Turner’s plan to make a couple of charitable donations and to top-up their retirement fund. They’re taking a trip to Florida this winter. It was already planned but the prize money will make the expense less worrisome.

Turner said anyone who thinks they have terrible luck in contests shouldn’t give up. You never know when the next one you enter will be the one you win.

Irving marketing retail specialist Jen Constantine said the main part of the Pump Up the Fun contest was “collect to win.” Every time a contestant made a purchase at an Irving station, he or she would get a sticker to attach to a collector card.

People could also win prizes online by entering contest PIN’s, which were a part of the game tickets. Contestants could win instantly by simply opening the game ticket. More than 350,000 prizes were awarded.

The contest began on June 19 and ran throughout the summer. There was a winning sticker for the $100,000 but it didn’t surface. Irving selected the winner by drawing from the 3.6 million PIN numbers entered on the contest website.

The contest was available across the Irving network, which includes stations in the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and the New England states.

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