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Kentville teen pulls off surprise promposal at New Minas Tim Hortons

NEW MINAS - All eyes were on Marcus MacKinnon as he walked into the local Tim Hortons with a handcrafted sign and bouquet of flowers.

Northeast Kings Education Centre (NKEC) student Marcus MacKinnon surprised schoolmate Bailey Whynot with a promposal during one of her recent shifts at the County Fair Mall Tim Hortons in New Minas.

In part, it was his love of puns that landed him in the County Fair Mall Tim Hortons with an elaborate promposal plan.

“She was at work and I like to consider myself pretty punny ,” said MacKinnon.

“I was pretty nervous about going in. There was only a couple people in there but walking in with a sign and flowers is quite difficult,” he recalled.

MacKinnon pressed on in spite of the nerves that quickly faded when fellow graduating Northeast Kings Education Centre (NKEC) student Bailey Whynot read the Bristol board poster designed with her in mind: “I donut want to go to prom without you. Will you roll up with me?”
“She looked at it and she smiled and looked pretty happy, so that kind of calmed me down,” said MacKinnon, who had surprised Whynot with the promposal near the end of a shift during March Break.

“I kind of had a feeling she would say yes, but I was really hoping she’d be surprised by the sign.”

Whynot had a hunch her long-time friend would ask her to prom, but she was pleasantly surprised by how much thought he put into it.

“I was out back and my co-worker told me to come out front and he was there with the sign. It was really smart,” she said, noting that MacKinnon’s mother took a video of the promposal .

“I saw the sign and I was like, ‘there’s no way you can say no to that’ - he didn’t even have to ask.”

Whynot said her co-workers and employees from other stores all seemed excited to witness the promposal .

“They were all clapping…  they thought it was cute,” the 18-year-old Kentville resident recalls.

“It was really cool. I loved it.”

While Whynot’s response to the promposal was a definitive ‘yes,’ MacKinnon jokes that his friends have conveyed varying opinions in their reviews of his approach.

“Some of them really liked it and some of them really did not like it because (now) they have to step up their game,” he said with a laugh.



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