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Netflix: What's new? What's worth it? July 13

Columnist Jordan Parker takes a look at the latest offerings on Netflix.
Columnist Jordan Parker takes a look at the latest offerings on Netflix. - Contributed

Trying to beat the summer heat and stay home near the air conditioner? Columnist Jordan Parker reviews some of the latest offerings on Netflix.

War Dogs

War Dogs, written and directed by the man who made The Hangover and Old School, isn't really funny at all.

But for once, that's a really good thing, because this so-zany-it's-true material needed a great guiding hand, and director Todd Phillips delivered.

The film about two men who enter into a mega-contract with the Pentagon to provide weapons to the allies of the U.S. in Afghanistan.

Miles Teller and Golden Globe nominee Jonah Hill are both fantastic here, with particular kudos going to the latter.

It's a wild ride, but not one for the kids, so save it for mature viewing.

4/5 Stars


In a futuristic world marred by global freezing, those who survive ride in a humongous train on a track.

With the upper-class in the front cabins, and the lower class relegated to the back, the divide sparks riots.

Directed by Joon-ho Bong with masterful precision, this incredible piece charts the lower class' push to the front of the train, as Tilda Swinton's androgynous character Mason tries to stop them.

Chris Evans gives a superb performance, and with John Hurt, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris on board, this is a train worth getting a seat on.

4.5/5 Stars

Set It Up

What do two millenials do when their bosses are insufferable and work long hours? Set them up on a secret blind date, of course.

The premise of Set It Up revolves around two young up-and-comers working as assistants for industry titans who make their lives hell.

They decide maybe a little romance will bring their bosses joy, but end up with a few more problems than they expected.

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are adorable and showcase great chemistry.

But it's the bosses, played with glee by Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu, that make this Netflix original worth it.

4/5 Stars


Before his recent career downfall, Will Smith was the most charismatic man in Hollywood.

With 2005 romantic-comedy Hitch, every bit of charm in that actor's body is used to elevate this film.

He plays a date doctor -- a man who coaches other men on how to get the women of their dreams -- but his tricks don't work when he falls for someone himself.

Smith is hilarious here and he makes the best of every second on screen. He even manages to make Kevin James funny as his hapless client, which is a difficult feat.

This is a hilarious film and one of my go-to's. Check it out if you want to smile for two hours.

4/5 Stars


This Netflix film about best friends who become involved in a tragedy during a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands is so good it's scary.

This film about friendship -- and how far one would go to protect a best friend -- is a difficult, albeit entertaining, thriller.

Full of drama, little idiosyncrasies, and thrills, it's a film that will sneak up on you.

I had no idea what I was getting into, and that's how Calibre works best. Just trust me and give it a spin.

5/5 Stars

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