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Open Farm Day and agritourism lets visitors experience a day on the farm

Farmer Dean Manning of Falmouth
Farmer Dean Manning of Falmouth - Colin Chisholm

WINDSOR, N.S. – Whether it’s picking apples right off the tree or getting lost in a corn maze, more and more, farmers are opening their doors to the public to let them see how the sausage, literally, gets made.

One of the best times to experience it is during Open Farm Day on Sept. 16.

Dozens of farms across the province will provide activities and educational tours of their operations to show folks where their food comes from.

For a full list of participants in Open Farm Day, click here

The Valley Journal-Advertiser has created a map to highlight some of the sites in the Annapolis Valley that are either participating in Open Farm Day or offer tours and visits throughout the year.

This is not a definitive map, and some locations are likely to have different hours than others. For specific dates/times, we recommend reaching out to the farms directly.

Data via Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and Select Nova Scotia.

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