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Port Williams teen gains international exposure in modelling

Sixteen-year-old Olivia Andrews of Port Williams is steadily building her modelling portfolio. - photo by PAWEL TOSIEK
Sixteen-year-old Olivia Andrews of Port Williams is steadily building her modelling portfolio. - photo by PAWEL TOSIEK - Submitted

PORT WILLIAMS - Local teen Olivia Andrews is turning heads in the Canadian fashion industry.

The 16-year-old Port Williams resident is a model represented by Toronto-based agent Peggi Lepage and, in the Maritime region, City Models of Halifax.

“My eyes have been opened up to a whole new world of creative expression. I love having the pleasure of witnessing the hard behind the scenes work that goes into to designing, photography and overall artistry,” says Andrews.

“Kameleon Jewelry has been one of my bigger shoots so far. It’s been circulated through the UK, USA and Canada.”

The Kameleon line is also sold closer to home, at Occasions in Kentville and Herbin’s Jewellers in Wolfville.

"The catalogue has been circulated to all three markets. This was an exciting shoot for Olivia, and she is very pleased to have a little international exposure,” says Andrews’ mother, Joanna Simpson.

“Following the Kameleon shoot, Olivia did an outdoor artistic shoot with accomplished Halifax based photographer Stephanie Lane and was thrilled to have a shot featured in Vogue Italia online.”

Andrews walked the runway for Benjamin Waye, showcasing a collection of sleek and contemporary dresses, at a seasonal NSCAD fashion gala held at Casino Nova Scotia in April and, more recently, showcased the talents of Halifax-based designer and philanthropist Vlad Snytkin in a ‘Fashion + Art on the Edge’ gala in support of The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning.

She continues to travel to Toronto for photoshoots arranged by her agency, and hopes to eventually move closer to the city after high school.

“I’m still young so I’m trying to keep all doors open. I am planning on attending university in Montreal or Toronto. Both are cities close to my agency and are two fashion hubs for the Canadian fashion industry,” said Andrews, a Grade 11 student at Horton High School.

Andrews plans to continue modelling as a means to pay for her post-secondary education while seizing opportunities to see the world and gain valuable work experience at the same time.

“She will be seeking full-time contracts for summer fashion seasons in both Hong Kong and Europe, and as well as supporting her education, she hopes this experience will afford her travel and cultural experiences,” said Simpson.

“She continues to balance school, volunteering, basketball, violin and modelling and seems to know success and achievement is something you need to work hard for and stay committed to.”

Andrews sees balancing her jam-packed schedule as an opportunity to demonstrate that she’s responsible and works well under pressure.

“I’m trying to take it step by step, stay in moment and be thankful for all these wonderful opportunities,” she said.

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