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‘See more magic in life’: Harry Potter yoga casts a spell on Kings County

Suzi Fevens is a lifelong Harry Potter fan and is bringing ‘Yoga at Hogwarts’ to Woodville.
Suzi Fevens is a lifelong Harry Potter fan and is bringing ‘Yoga at Hogwarts’ to Woodville. - Contributed

Yoga instructor and Hogwarts fanatic Suzi Fevens planning wands, wizard poses for class

WOODVILLE – Harry Potter may be set in England, but it just got a whole lot closer to home for yogis in Kings County.

Yoga instructor Suzi Fevens has created a Hogwarts-inspired yoga class, and will be bringing it to the Woodville Community Centre Nov. 2. As a lifelong fan of the books and movies, Fevens cannot wait to cast a spell on her class.

And she’ll be doing just that with a wand in hand – the ticket price for each participant will include a wand, which Fevens plans on making herself.

“The more you know about yoga, and the more you think about Harry Potter, you see how they relate. A lot of the things that Dumbledore taught Harry go hand-in-hand with yoga,” says Fevens.

While searching for a unique theme to base a yoga class on, Fevens was struck with inspiration when she found herself again inspired by her love of the Hogwarts world. She found herself researching quotes from books and tying them to specific yoga mantras.

She describes how poses are just one of the eight limbs of yoga, and that the practice stretches far beyond downward-dog pose tropes.

“If you look at life through the eyes of yoga, you can see more magic in life – just like you can through Harry Potter,” she says.

The quote that initially struck Fevens was Dumbledore advising Harry that, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” She says this aligns with how yoga seeks to show people how to live in their day-to-day life, rather than lofty dreams or expectations.

Fevens will also draw inspiration from the classic warrior pose, and shift it so people are posing as wizards instead, with wands outstretched as they draw in their breaths. She also plans on making butter beer, pumpkin juice and chocolate frogs for people to sample at the event.

Half the tickets have already sold – all to people Fevens doesn’t know, which she says means the event is really reaching people.

“This is one of those ridiculous ideas that I get in my head, and so it’s pretty surprising – already I’m thinking, ‘this is something I could definitely do again,’” she says.

For more information, or to be put on a waiting list once tickets sell out, visit the event page here:

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