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Vintage vehicle rides take seniors back to bygone days in Berwick

BERWICK - Few things offer a blast from the past quite like the Apple Capital’s annual afternoon and evening drive events featuring vintage automobiles.

An impressive display of lovingly restored antique autos rolled through the grounds at Grand View Manor in Berwick as part of the Apple Capital Drive for Seniors held in the afternoon July 11.

The event, hosted in conjunction with the Apple Capital Museum, aims to take observers and participants back to the bygone days. Residents of the Manor, a long-term care home, smiled, waved and reminisced as drivers dressed in period attire drove passengers around the Manor’s expansive property. Several Manor residents, and a few of their guests, seized the opportunity to hop in for a spin as the old-fashioned vehicles made the rounds.

The afternoon drive at the Manor complex was followed by the sixth annual Apple Capital Evening Drive, an event for the general public that included more drives in vintage vehicles, ice cream sundaes, museum tours, music and games

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