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Kentville delights in this year’s crop of Pumpkin People

Fall leaves have coloured Kentville with greens, reds, yellows and oranges – but there’s another patch of orange that’s not due to leaves, but rather the town’s famous Pumpkin People.

This year’s pumpkin festival features over 300 individuals – something made easy to navigate by the festival’s annual map showing where the biggest displays are.

Among the displays will be a Viking ship and a bullet train, with plenty of playing potential for kids wanting to take a seat, or grab an oar.

“Kids love props they can get into, and set designer Gerry Little works really hard on making these accessible,” says Lindsey Young of the Town of Kentville.

Also new this year will be a Pumpkin Person Scavenger Hunt, which features game cards with items festival-goers must find in each pumpkin display.

The Town of Kentville website sums it up best for anyone not yet knowing what to expect from the town’s beloved Pumpkin People displays – just wait and see.

“You never really know what silly antics you’ll see from these gourd-headed guys,” it reads.


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