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Area residents react to Windsor’s amended smoking bylaw

Kevin Murphy said Windsor town council should consider creating ‘safe-zones’ for smokers to go if they’re going to make it almost impossible to smoke anywhere else.
Kevin Murphy said Windsor town council should consider creating ‘safe-zones’ for smokers to go if they’re going to make it almost impossible to smoke anywhere else. - Colin Chisholm

WINDSOR, N.S. - The town of Windsor recently approved amending its smoking bylaw to extend the ban on smoking of all kinds to town streets and sidewalks.

We received a lot of feedback from readers, here are some of their comments.

“I'm actually quite frustrated by it. I smoked for over 10 years and then I quit by vaping, which is also banned. Most times when I'm out and about I have at least 2/4 of my kids with me and when I park I want to hop out for a second and take a puff of my vape to save my sanity, and now I could be fined for it? because vaping encourages smoking behaviour? Everyone is so offended over everything, next thing you know we won’t be able to drive in town due to vehicle emissions.”

- Loushanna Carr, Garlands Crossing

“I am frustrated with Windsor Council banning smoking on the sidewalks and any property owned by the town. I know people who can't smoke in their homes/apartment buildings and now can't even smoke out front of their building on the sidewalk and that is frustrating for them. I myself have been a smoker for almost 20 years now, live here in Windsor and I hate that I can't even have a smoke while walking down the sidewalk if I'm out for a walk or going to check the mail or even going to get a coffee without the chance of running into the bylaw officer and getting a ticket/fine. I believe Windsor Council went about this all wrong and should have at least set up some designated smoking areas around town or something before cracking down like this and handing out fines. They should have taken a closer look at the way Kentville and Wolfville handled their smoking bylaws and learned from them.”

- Ryan Bezanson, Windsor

I am grateful for a strong smoking ban on any town or public area. I do not live in Windsor but am there often for shopping, to meet with a friend, for lunch, etc. I was a smoker for a very long time. But have quit a number of years ago. I recognize the difficulty smokers have in going a long time without a smoke it is indeed an addiction after all If we are speaking solely about cigarettes. However being honest that is not the case, we are now dealing with weed and vapors as well. From a personal perspective quitting smoking was difficult for me. It took many efforts and when I finally made that last run at it I had to go at it like I was driving a Mack truck on the 401. Totally focused and determined. I quit for health reasons and because I had just watched my mother die of lung cancer and later it would be my mother in law from emphysema. Again from a personal perspective: when I am around smoke I struggle with breathing, because of cancer treatment on myself, I have lost sections of my lungs, I also have asthma. Smoke lingers in the hair, on clothing and on the body. When you smoke you smell of smoke, and that residual smoke affects me the same way. I cough, cannot breath well and allergies kick in. The lingering smell of weed makes me sick literally, the smell makes me nauseous and gives me a gigantic headache. So for me and others I know that have breathing issues for one reason or other this is a no-brainer. My health and well-being are dependent on air quality.

- Ann Hatt, Wolfville Ridge

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