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Cape Breton mother and daughters charged with multimillion-dollar fraud

Spaghetti Benders
Spaghetti Benders - Cape Breton Post

A Cape Breton family is alleged to have defrauded the federal government of $3.6 million over a five-year period.

Federal prosecutions officials confirmed the amount involved in 30 charges against a mother and three daughters is $3,628,805.00.

Charged are Lydia Saker, 74, of Shore Road, Sydney Mines and her daughters, Georgette Young, 47, of Stanley Street, Sydney; Angela MacDonald, 45, of Terra Nova Drive, Kentville; and Nadia Saker, 43, of Leitches Creek.

The three daughters appeared in provincial court Wednesday in Sydney during which an arrest warrant was issued for the mother, who failed to attend.

One of the daughters told Judge Diane McGrath that she was representing her mother but McGrath explained the accused needed to appear.

The warrant was issued but will be held until the next scheduled court appearance for all of the accused on March 4. None of the accused have yet to hire a lawyer.

The charges, filed under the Criminal Code and the Excise Act,  also name 10 companies owned and operated by the family  — The Spaghetti Benders Ltd; Latatia Advertising Ltd; Kishk Inc; Maddie and Bella’s Children Clothing Inc; Artisan Hair Loss Therapy Inc; Housewives in Heels Inc; Juliette and John Inc; New and Chic Inc. and two numbered companies.

Some of the charges allege that the women, through their multiple companies, defrauded the federal government by claiming refunds to which they were not eligible under the Goods and Services Tax returns.

Three of the charges allege fraud over $1 million while the others allege varying amounts ranging from $585,000 to $40,000.

All four are facing 12 charges of fraud while 10 involve Georgette Young.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between 2010-2015.

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