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Frozen sprinkler pipe triggers fire response to Windsor dormitory

['Be sure to check the Hants Journal for the lastest news involving the Windsor Fire Department.']
Be sure to check the Hants Journal for the latest news involving the Windsor Fire Department.

King’s-Edgehill School’s headmaster is reporting that there is much less damage to a dormitory than initially anticipated following a flooding incident Feb. 27.

Headmaster Joseph Seagram said in an email correspondence with the Valley Journal-Advertiser that only some rooms were affected when a frozen sprinkler pipe broke.

“The damage is much less than feared. It did not touch the dorms, just some rooms in the Housemaster’s apartment,” he noted.

“Sixteen students stayed at the Super 8 because, initially, the fire department thought they would have to turn off the power,” he said. “They did not need to but we had already taken the students over by the time that decision was reversed. They are all back in the dorm now.”

Ian Duey, a deputy fire chief with the Windsor Fire Department, said firefighters responded to

a report of a fire alarm sounding at a King’s-Edgehill property at 8:34 p.m. Feb. 27.

“We responded with our standard response for an alarm — two engines and an aerial. About 15 firefighters were on scene and Hantsport provided coverage at our station,” he said.

“There was flood conditions in the house, believed to be caused by a broken sprinkler pipe.”

Duey said the water flow in the sprinkler system triggered the fire response.

Nova Scotia Power was also called to the scene, as was public works employees with the town and the school.

Duey said the leak was on the top floor.

“We suspect that it was frozen, which is not uncommon with the extreme cold and wind that we had,” he said.

The call wrapped up at 9:50 p.m.

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