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Windsor council could consider Plan B for arena project

Updated renderings of the proposed hockey arena project were shown to members of the public during a public information session on March 19, 2018.
Artistic renderings of a proposed arena near Long Pond. Windsor council cancelled the project on Aug. 7. - Contributed

In a letter to Windsor and West Hants councils, Kings-Hants MP and president of the treasury board Scott Brison implored councillors to consider another project in order to secure $6 million in combined provincial and federal funding for an ice surface project.

He said that this opportunity for funding might not be as readily available for future projects, although the timeline to get such a proposal in is fast approaching.


Mayor Anna Allen said Windsor council would consider a Plan B option, although no concept or business plan has been brought forward as of yet.

“Windsor Town Council had supported the vision for a new arena at Long Pond that celebrated our hockey heritage and was unable to make progress on it,” Allen said in a written response. “As you have noted, the challenge has been frustrations that have led to disagreement among elected officials and citizens alike which have not led to a positive outcome.”

Allen said she’s excited to hear that there are individuals working towards a Plan B, noting that she’s looking forward to learning more about it.

“I am confident that my Council will seriously consider its support of any opportunity for the community to realize a significant investment towards our hockey heritage goals,” she said. “I will call a Special Meeting of Council to review the plan being worked on and it is my sincere hope that it will meet the requirements of the small communities fund.”

Allen said once a proposal emerges, she’ll call a special council meeting immediately.

West Hants Warden Abraham Zebian said he’s hopeful that the region still has an opportunity to build a new complex.

“If a new project was to be proposed it would be crucial to have support from both municipal units, all stake holders, and the public,” Zebian said.

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