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LETTER: An angel in Coldbrook?

I didn’t meet her, but I know she exists. 

This generous person returned my wallet that I had carelessly left in a cart at the Foodland. As soon as I got home in Cambridge, I missed the wallet and went right back to the store. No wallet in the office so, devastated, I went back home.

Just before my stop at Foodland, I had been to the bank and exchanged coin rolls for bills. Most of the money belonged to pastor Tim’s Team, a Relay for Life group.

A cashier from the store, while I was having a cry, called and said someone had turned my wallet in to the deli.

So, if my angel reads this article, a thousand thank-yous. If you are ever back at the Coldbrook Foodland, please leave your name and number at the office. I would so much like to thank you properly as there was over $200 in that wallet. God is so good.

Leah Sweet


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