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LETTER: Disheartening decisions by Kings County council

I have read with interest the news about the new municipal complex and the columns from Gordon Lummis and Pauline Raven regarding recent actions by county council.   

Council doesn’t seem to have improved since the turmoil last year regarding the Kings Municipal Airport. It is still trying to railroad agreements through council without any input from its citizens and to dissuade any dissent from within.

Council is elected to represent us and make decisions, but it should still be informing us about what criteria it uses when making its decisions. There had been discussion earlier about the sale of the present municipal building to the Department of Justice and the plan to construct a new municipal building. However, the news of the decision to purchase the land in Coldbrook from Loblaw’s and the plans to build a new municipal complex on that site came as a surprise to a lot of people. We should have been given information prior to the finalization of such a major move, i.e., what other sites or options were considered, the amount of money involved and whether any discussions were held with the Town of Kentville about remaining in Kentville and cooperating with them on a more centrally-located complex.

With the over-abundance of councillors/commissioners in the Kings County, it is imperative the municipal units strive for co-operation and the best use of our tax dollars.

It is disheartening to think they plan to discipline the members of council who absented themselves to delay the vote on such an important motion as it appears that it was a legitimate stand. Council could have/should have used the delay to inform the ratepayers why this particular decision was being made and why it was so important that it be rushed through with no input or discussion with its citizens.


A.C. MacKay, CD

Port Williams

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