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Letter to the editor: Have councillors become disengaged?

Included in the Kings County Council May 17, 2016 committee of the whole agenda package was a community engagement policy and strategy presentation.

The purpose of this proposed new community engagement is to encourage the citizens of Kings County to be involved in making better decisions for the benefit and wellbeing of all Kings County residents.


How can citizen engagement be promoted in Kings County if the majority of councillors are not abiding by the democratically-developed policy and regulations that exist in the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw documents, for sustainable development of the county?


There are many examples of how not to engage citizens that can be cited, if that would assist in providing new direction for good governance in Kings County.


Many citizens have turned out and stated their concerns recently for the protection and sustainability of the South Mountain lake system, including volunteers for the Lake Monitoring Program. The majority of councillors do not appear to respect the local data collection and community experience regarding the sustainable use of our lake system.


Have some representative councillors lost sight of their fiduciary duty and loyalty to their constituents and the county as a whole?


Have some of the councillors become disengaged?


Warren Peck

Black River Road

Kings County

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