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LETTER: Unfair treatment of 4-H by Apple Dome

The following letter was sent to the Berwick and District Community Association board of directors in July and received no response. 

I am writing this note not on behalf of the Kings County 4-H Council but as a 4-H leader who attends their meetings. I sat at our last council meeting in June and was very disheartened by the letter sent from your facility. This letter stated that our Joint 4-H Achievement Day dates needed to be changed and that you now required a $1,000 rental fee due to the Wildcats needing the facilities on the 7th and 8th of August.

Although I completely understand the need to accommodate the Wildcats as they are a major financial asset for you, there were some at the council who were upset by the change of dates. My concern, and the reason for this letter, is the $1,000 rental fee. After the 4-H council spent $20,000 to put up an outdoor ring beside the center, they now have no other option and have to give in to your demands.

I am aware that you will have extra costs to get the rink ready and having 4-H kids there before the ice goes in adds to your cost, but that cost should not be placed only on a non-profit organization who has been asked to change their dates to accommodate someone else.  Asking a group, who must fundraise to even make it possible to hold achievement days, to incur such a fee two months before their big day seems unfair to me.  We paid $250 year one and year two and nothing last year so this makes the $1,000 charge a shock to the 4-H members, leaders and parents.

I ask that you give some thought to lowering this rental charge.  Please keep in mind that 4-H is a youth program, and like this committee, run by volunteers.

With great respect for the work you all do,

Connie Milne


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