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LETTER: Street issue between Windsor, West Hants more than frustrating

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

No wonder everyone says only in Windsor would you run into this.

I have expressed my opinion before on other group sites about the roadway issue between Windsor and West Hants, but I think it bears repeating again and I would love to see developer Mitch Brison receive a copy of this response.

I have lived in Hants County for over 20 years. I grew up in Dartmouth with a father who was a building contractor with his own business. The ‘70s and ‘80s was a time of major development in and around the Dartmouth area. Never would I fathom that a new community would be cut off from an existing community! So, you bought a house 30 years ago on a dead-end street? Guess what people, time marches on and that former farm land is being developed!

The town is reacting like Trump building the wall to block off Mexico.

I don't blame Mr. Brison being frustrated — I personally would use stronger words.

Jane Robb


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