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Kings County well represented on provincial basketball teams

KINGS COUNTY - A number of Kings County players are spending the summer playing and practicing on Basketball Nova Scotia provincial teams.

Four girls – Maria Rodriguez, Maia Timmons, Gillian Cumby and Jayda Veinot, all from Horton – are on the girls’ U-17 provincial team.

Jenna Ramsay from West Kings is on the U-16 team, while Katherine Waterbury (NKEC), Alaina Poirier (Horton), Katharine Richter and Claudia Fulton (both from West Kings) are on the U-16 development team.

Maddy Ross of Coldbrook (Central Kings this fall) is on the provincial U-15 team, while Olivia Andrews of Port Williams is on the U-14 development team.

On the boys’ side. Matt Ingham, Gage Sabean and Drae Medicraft, all from Horton, are all on the U-19 boys’ team.

Keevan Veinot, also from Horton, is on the U-16 team. 

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