Zedex owners pleased with Greenwood theatre’s performance

Published on January 9, 2017

Sue and Tim Mackintosh of the Zedex Theatre in Greenwood are now seeing the benefits of upgrading to digital projection technology that’s resulted in a greater selection of new releases becoming available to the one-screen facility.

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GREENWOOD- When Tim and Sue Mackintosh went to the movies for their first date some 30 years ago, they had no way of knowing how their own story would eventually come full circle.

Now married with three grown children, the Kingston couple can chuckle as they reflect on how ironic it was that their first date was at a movie theatre. And Tim can boast that he actually remembers the movie – The Natural, starring Robert Redford and Glenn Close.

It seems pretty standard, a night of the movies. But it’s a bit more significant in this case.

Tim and Sue purchased the one-screen Zedex Theatre in Greenwood in August 2009.

“I love popcorn,” Sue jokes. “And I love movies,” Tim adds.

They both admit there’s a bit more to it than that.

“We were afraid that if we didn’t buy the business then it would close, and that’s just something that we didn’t want to see happen,” recalls Sue, noting that their own children worked for the Zedex when the previous owners informed them that they wished to sell the business.

“It’s nice knowing there’s a form of entertainment around here for people of all ages.”

They weighed the pros and cons of balancing full-time work with evening shifts at the theatre, then decided to take the leap. They’re the first to admit they’ve faced ups and downs operating a small business – and they won’t be quitting their day jobs any time soon – but they’re confident they made the right decision the day they signed the dotted line to take ownership of the Zedex business.

“Most things that we run into now we’ve probably crossed it before or it’s just a little blip,” says Tim.

“Our three children worked there when we opened the place – and we survived,” jokes Sue.

“If they did something wrong they usually got reprimanded by their bosses, and when they got home they got reprimanded by their parents.”

Their daughter still works at the theatre, and their sons will pick up shifts as needed when they are home. On Christmas, they decided it would be “Mackintosh Day” at the Zedex and they all worked at the theatre so the other employees could have the holiday off.

Both Tim and Sue are proud to say the Zedex is a source of employment for seven part-time employees who understand the importance of good, old-fashioned hospitality. As a result, they see a lot of familiar faces coming back through the doors on a regular basis.

“We have a good loyal base of customers. If people know what is coming to our theatre they don’t drive down the road,” says Tim, who can often be found handing out snacks at the canteen or retreating to “his office” to catch a flick on the big screen.

“I go in the theatre sometimes and just listen to the audience and you’ll hear people laughing and going on.”

With the switch from 35-millimetre film reels to digital, the Zedex has more options when it comes time to book new movies.

“We have availability to more movies… because there’s more copies of movies made in digital format,” says Tim.

 “We have increased attendance and it is because of the movies we are getting.”

With the theatre located on the 14 Wing Greenwood base property, Sue says one of their biggest hurdles is the perception that the facility is only open to military members. She stresses that the Zedex is open for everyone, and they try to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible to ensure no one has to miss out.

“We keep it down because we have three children,” says Sue.

“I know what it’s like,” adds Tim. “I’ve been there and done that.”

Learn more about show times and what’s playing at www.zedex.ca, or call the movie line at 902-765-8848. Sign up for the e-mail newsletter and keep up to date on new releases and promotions by writing zedex@bellaliant.net.

The top grossing movies at Zedex Theatre since 2009:

2009, Alvin and the Chipmunks

2010, Twilight: Eclipse

2011, Harry Potter - Part 2

2012, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

2013, Despicable Me 2

2014, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

2015, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

2016, The Secret Life of Pets