Family reunion

Concert brings together MacMaster and cousins

Published on November 30, 2012

By Kirk Starratt


A nov. 25 concert in Wolfville was a taste of Cape Breton for east coast music aficionados and an unofficial family reunion for the performers.

For the first time, descendents of John and Margaret Ann Beaton from Mabou, Cape Breton - including the likes of Natalie MacMaster, Margie and Dawn Beaton, Vernon MacDougall and Lisa Cameron and Kelly Jean, Mitch, Gordie and Brennan MacDonald of Company Road - converged on the same venue at the same time to perform together.

The unofficial family reunion happened in the form of a benefit concert for the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre at Acadia’s University Hall in Wolfville.

Cape Breton fiddling icon MacMaster said she’s always so glad to be in Nova Scotia and it was a great feeling getting off the plane earlier in the day. The group of musical cousins very much believe in the cause and, when life boils down, all you really have is your family. This is something people sometimes take for granted and now, living in Ontario, she finds she has a better appreciation for her own family. MacMaster is the proud mother of five children.

The concert was presented by Council 5030 of the Knights of Columbus. Treasurer John MacDougall said the idea for the benefit show came from his mother, Mamie MacDougall, and it was about two years in the making. He was so pleased to see all the cousins come together like this for a benefit performance and family reunion all in one.

“It’s a big deal for all of us,” MacDougall said.

Approximately 700 people attended the event.

 “These guys are playing for nothing. It’s been a phenomenal coming together of people to make this happen,” said Grand Knight Mike L’Oiseau. “The beauty of this is it’s like a big family event.”